Virgin Mobile Phone Insurance Review

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Updated September 30, 2022
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If you need a cell phone insurance service that provides you with a replacement phone for a decent amount of money just for usual wear & tear, Virgin Mobile Phone Insurance is going to be the best cell phone insurance for you. They mainly use Asurion as their partner for providing this insurance service.

Why We Like It – Virgin Mobile Phone Insurance

Even though the cost of Virgin Mobile Phone Insurance is much higher than other competing cell phone insurance services out there (both in terms of per month cost to continue with the insurance and deductible), it provides a very good mobile phone-specific insurance service that you can rely on. For more quality phone insurance at an affordable price, take a look at Verizon Phone Warranty.

  • Includes liquid damage coverage
  • Includes normal wear & tear
  • Loaner program available in the case of manufacturer defect in the first 12 months
  • Mobile phone replacement deductible ranges from $50-$599
  • Sim cards aren’t covered
  • Just two replacements per enrolled device

Coverage And Deductible

First of all, this insurance policy does cover new phones, even within their 12-month warranty period. It covers pretty much all smartphones (even in the case of loss theft) of up to $3000 retail price. Both liquid damage and physical damage are also covered as usual. Power surge-related damages are covered too.
Replacement deductible charges range from $50-$599, depending on the retail price of your phone.

Backup Services

Well, it’s mainly hardware insurance, they won’t be able to recover your data. If you keep important data on your phone, the AKKO Phone Insurance will be a better choice, as they offer cloud storage backup. Virgin Mobile/Asurion Mobile Phone Insurance doesn’t even cover SIM cards, let alone user data. If you want your insurance provider to offer data protection, check out our Assurrant phone insurance review. Or, if you prefer to control your data, USAA cell phone insurance offer 50GB of cloud space for free with their plans.

Customer Service

Well, it’s Virgin Mobile we are talking about here, so the customer support is going to be pretty good. That’s pretty much what the high price is for; you do get what you pay for. It’s actually as good as the Geek Squad Phone Protection Plan by Best Buy. But still, do note that Asurion has all the rights reserved for this service. So they are always going to be the entity that’s going to replace/work on your device.

Security Features

Virgin Mobile used to provide a few security software along with this insurance policy. But they don’t anymore, which is probably for the better. Most security software for phones increases the amount of bloat and is not really necessary anymore when most modern smartphones get regular downloadable OTA security updates.


The value proposition is something that entirely depends on your affordability. Yes, it does cover a lot of aspects of a smartphone, but for most end users, it’s going to be just a bit too expensive. In that case, you can go for the cheaper Squaretrade Cell Phone Insurance instead. Alternatively, Upsie phone insurance allows you to pay for the full year of insurance upfront or pay monthly. And if you use an Amex credit card, read our American Express cell phone insurance review to see if your particular card offers complimentary insurance.

Virgin Mobile Phone Insurance Wrap Up

Overall the Virgin Mobile Phone Insurance is decent, just a tad bit overpriced. If you can afford it, you won’t be disappointed with their service.