“Virgin Boy Eggs” Cooked In Urine a Delicacy In China (odd)

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Updated June 27, 2022

Delicacy In China

Spring is officially here and in Dongyang, China, it’s time for a highly anticipated spring delicacy that’s called “Virgin Boy Eggs.” The unique, springtime snack that’s favored by local residents combines eggs with one key ingredient: buckets of boys’ urine that are collected from primary school toilets in the area. Sounds yummy, right? According to local tradition, soaking and cooking the eggs in pee of young boys (preferably 10 and younger), has lots of favorable health properties, with some locals saying that it prevents heat stroke, promote better blood circulation and just reinvigorate one’s body.

The process of cooking these pee-soaked eggs is long since it takes practically an entire day to make them. First, the raw eggs are soaked and boiled in a pot of urine before the shells are cracked and the eggs simmered in the urine for a few more hours. Although many buys these eggs on the streets from vendors, there are a few residents who collect the young boys’ urine themselves to cook the eggs in their homes.

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