Virgin America Flights Now Have Android Entertainment Systems

Never be bored again on a flight, thanks to Virgin America’s in-flight Android Entertainment System. Sure, airports are a drag and your seat on-board is probably uncomfortable, and you can’t forget about the dreaded turbulence, the anticipation of which haunts you the night before the flight. But at least Virgin America is trying to make things a bit easier for you. And what better way than with Android?

Virgin America features Red, an entertainment system with a 1024×600 pixel resolution 9-inch touch screen, USB ports, power outlets, and Linux operating system. But Virgin is modernizing a bit by switching its operating system to Android. That should make the system a lot more adaptable to customers’ needs.

The system includes 9-inch touchscreens that allow passengers to play mobile games like Pac-Man and Asteroids and view interactive maps. There are also those vital USB ports, audio jacks, and a credit card reader. A new storage system also allows the system to hold a lot more content. Say you want to watch a full season of a favorite show on a long flight? You can and in 720p. And with the help of Dysonics technology, you can hear everything with surround sound.

It’s as easy as scanning the VOD menu until you find something you like. Still, you could run into the age-old problem of “There’s nothing to watch.” Well, the system also boasts 1,200 channels of live TV. You seriously won’t run out of things to watch.

Of course, you also have the standard wi-fi that comes with the flights. You can text, check email, browse the web, and make calls during your flight.

As of this month, only three planes will have the upgraded Android Entertainment System. Expect at least 18 flights to carry the new system by the end of the year. But you’ll have to wait a little longer to get the system on all flights. At least until next year.

Hopefully, more flights will start following suit. Anything to take my mind off of the turbulence…

John Saavedra

has written for Den of Geek US,, Gadget Review, The New York Times, and DETAILS. Follow him @johnsjr9.

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