Viper Regulation Staple Free Galvanized High Grade Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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For cricket players, having a tournament-size dart board is advantageous, considering it’s built like the real thing. The Viper Regulation Staple Free Galvanized High Grade Dartboard Set provides all the necessary tools needed to train yourself for the real deal: darts, a high grade, self-healing sisal bristle board, and scoreboard. For the best archery target, you should give this a look-see. And if you also like hunting, check out the best hunting and shooting tips.

Why We Like It – Viper Regulation Staple Free Galvanized High Grade

Prepare yourself for the latest cricket tournament with this 18-inch official tournament-size dart board consisting of high grade sisal bristle fibers for durability and self-healing.

  • Accommodates steel and soft tip darts
  • 18-inch dartboard is official tournament size
  • Sisal bristle fibers are durable and self healing
  • Provides only three darts
  • Lack of backboard to protect holes in walls

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If you’re practicing for a tournament, having a dartboard that can take a beating is certainly useful. This dartboard just so happens to be made of high grade sisal bristle fibers. By compressing a high number of them, it’s extending its life and allowing it to self-heal when a dart is removed, expanding to fill the space left by the dart. At the same time, tossing darts at the radial spider wire high grade compressed sisal board does a great job holding onto the dart, simultaneously reducing bounce outs. Unlike the Morrell Double 450FPS Archery Target, darts are easier to remove than arrows.


As fun as it would be to toss darts at this regulation bristle steel tip dartboard set, it wouldn’t be very fun putting holes in the wall. The Viper Regulation Staple Free Galvanized High Grade doesn’t have any kind of backboard to deal with any stray darts. The dartboard features a much bigger catch area, but that does very little for new cricket players. When you do hit the board, the staple free bullseye galvanized metal ensures the dart slides against the metal rather than bounce off. Another cool feature is compatibility with both steel and soft tip darts, unlike the Delta McKenzie Speed Bag Archery Target which only supports field point arrows.


The Viper League Pro Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Starter Set with Staple-Free Bullseye, Radial Spider Wire High Grade Sisal with Rotating Number Ring, Chalk Cricket Scoreboard, Steel Tip Darts comes with three steel tip darts, mounting hardware, a scoreboard, chalk and eraser. This is all provided for just $32. All things considered, that’s a really good deal for experienced cricket players and newcomers, provided they find some kind of extra cover for stray darts. However, it isn’t portable like the Block Classic 22 Archery Target is.

Viper Regulation Staple Free Galvanized High Grade Wrap Up

There isn’t much preventing you from grabbing the Viper Regulation Staple Free Galvanized High Grade Dartboard Set. It has everything necessary to get started: a tournament size board, three darts, and self-healing, durable bristles. Putting a backboard behind it will solve the problem of holes in your wall—so what do you have to lose?

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