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Viper 5706v 2-way Car Security with Remote Start System Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Viper car alarm and security system is one of the most popular car alarms in the market, and despite also being the most expensive, a lot of people still choose it as their number one pick for optimum car security. This is because it comes with a wide range of features that make it incredibly difficult for a thief to get away with your car. To start with, the Viper security remote start system includes a Viper responder LC3 remote which features a two way paging system, meaning you’ll be able to get updates on the remote regarding the status of your car. The remote works over a one mile range, which is very difficult for other security systems to match. If this sounds impressive, then this might be the best car alarm for you. For other important gadgets for your vehicle, have a look at these top-performing car accessories.

Why We Like It – Viper 5706v 2-way Car Security With Remote Start System

The Viper remote start car alarm system is trusted by many car owners across the world to keep their cars safe from interference, and if you choose to install it alongside the GPS tracker that’s included in the Viper SmartStart module as we would recommend, you’ll always be able to stay informed about the whereabouts of your car.

  • Has a one mile range
  • Remote has a LCD screen
  • Remote starter
  • ExpensiveWagner QuickStop Ceramic Brake Pads


The Viper remote transmitter is no doubt the highlight of the whole Viper alarm system since it comes packed with features that take your car alarm security to a different level. Unlike the viper 350 plus 3105v 1-way car alarm, the Viper’s car alarm remote has an LCD screen where clear text messages are shown, alongside 5 buttons that can be preset to control upto 24 different functions in a car. The LCD remote also features a remote starter for warming up your car before you enter, keyless entry as well as a starter kill feature that can be activated to immobilize your car in the event of theft. Also, because the LCD remote is a two way remote pager, you’ll get notifications whenever the car door is open, or whenever else you set it up to display.


The two Viper responder LC3 remotes that the Viper Remote Start Security system comes with look a lot better than those of any other car security system; the avital 3100LX car alarm included. Though only one of them has a screen, they both function the same, and have a one mile range which is very impressive. They offer two way security since you can receive feedback on your car through it, and with the ability to control two cars with one key fob, this can be very convenient.

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If you know a little about Viper, then you just might have heard about its Smart Start module before. This is an extension of the car alarm security service offered by Viper, where users get to use features such as GPS tracking (as you would with the carlock 2nd gen advanced real time 3g car tracker), so that you’ll always stay in the know about where your car goes. Also, with the dual shock sensor that it comes with, the car is able to sound a warning alarm if slightly interfered with, or escalate to a full blown siren if the interference keeps on persisting.

Viper 5706v 2-way Car Security With Remote Start System Wrap Up

Compared to other remote start systems, the Viper 5706v is a much more capable security system despite being one of the most expensive ones in the market. Installation shouldn’t take a long time, but if you think it’s something you can’t handle, you could also go ahead and get an accredited installer to do this for you.