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The Viotek gnv32db might be the best 1140p monitor for serious gamers, as it offers optimal screen size, a nice refresh rate and sharp monitor resolution. This 27 inch curved gaming monitor surely is a budget friendly choice. This G-Sync ready freesync gaming monitor smooths out fast paced games, eliminating image ghosting and motion blurring. And for non-gamers, the superior image quality brings TV and movies to life with this nice VA panel screen, similar to the Samsung CJG56 144Hz Curved Gaming 1440p Monitor.

Why We Like It – Viotek gnv32db G Sync Ready Freesync Warranty Zero Tolerance

The Viotek gnv32db offers great image quality, rich black and whites, a smooth refresh rate, with the 2560 X 1440 resolution being very impressive. The curved gaming monitor is a sweet perk which is great looking with its thin bezel design. An excellent choice for this price range.

  • Getting excellent value
  • Vibrant colors
  • High pixel density and contrast ratio
  • Moderate ghosting in high paced games
  • Stand is tilt-only


The 5 MS frame rate is impeccable even for the professional gamer. And for those who have a compatible graphics card, the Viotek gnv32db supports AMD fresync, which provides a variable refresh rate. The impressive frames per second rate ensures no screen tearing or stuttering. The free sync feature works with both HDMI dp and display ports. There is virtually no back light bleeding or dead/stuck pixels. The flicker-free video is quite an addition with zero dropped frames. This gaming monitor is also perfect for video conferencing.


There’s plenty of nice connectivity options, much like the Asus PG279Q, which include HDMI 2.0, HDMI 1.4, display port 1.2, and 23W integrated speakers… but there is no audio line out port. The star of the show is the curved gaming monitor which gives a nice professional gaming view. Corners are cut, obviously, to make this high-quality screen budget friendly , so there is a cheapness feel to the stand which is tilt only. But luckily it’s VESA mount compatible and the screen has narrow bezels.


A sweet three-year warranty protects this screen from damage worry, while the zero tolerance dead pixel policy assures that even the smallest issue will be corrected. If you’re in the market for a top-of-the-line monitor at a middle of the road price, this is the one to go for. You pay for the technical features while the outer casing and stand leaves plenty to be desired. Casual gamers will have a tough time seeing the difference between this and more expensive choices.

Viotek gnv32db G Sync Ready Freesync Warranty Zero Tolerance Wrap Up

For the price, the Viotek gnv32db is a fantastic gaming monitor option. It’s higher refresh rate, immersive image quality, high resolution, and excellent features make this screen a multi- purpose steal. Hi tech professional gamers might notice the difference between this and the higher priced choices, but for the casual gamer this monitor, which you can compare to the Asus PG279Q, offers bright, crisp, high-quality images with almost no lag time at all. And the warranty and zero dead pixel tolerance is a nice perk.

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