ViewTV AR-468AW Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re looking for a long reception range in your Best TV Antenna, the ViewTV AR-468AW boasts 70 miles. And since we’re talking about the Best Rabbit Ear Antenna, it takes the typical design one step further by not only making the rabbit ears adjustable, but also the base for accurate aiming.

Why We Like It – ViewTV AR-468AW

With a potential reception range of 70 miles, the ViewTV AR-468AW could be a great option for those quite a ways from the nearest broadcasting tower or station. It’s also amplified, with an adjustable base.

  • Potential 70-mile reception range
  • Adjustable base
  • Amplified
  • Less-than-stellar quality & performance
  • Packaging issues


Capturing a signal can prove to be slightly easier than your average TV antenna. This is because the ViewTV AR-468AW is amplified. It also has a base that can be adjusted, not just the bunny ears themselves. However, the number of free channels you get depends on your area. Some users found a dozen or so; others were getting 90. Even the more reliable Philips SDV8201B suffers from the same issue.

Ease of Install

Like any TV antenna unit, the ViewTV AR-468AW 70 Mile Indoor Standing Amplified Digital TV Antenna Adjustable Gain is quick and easy to install. You’ve got a power supply and coax cable that need connecting. If you add a digital converter or digital tuner into the mix for, say, an analog TV, it’s hit or miss.


Compared to the Fosmon HDTV Antenna, the ViewTV AR-468AW is a bit more chunky, being nearly 2 lbs. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more durable; in fact, it’s still made of cheap plastic. And with how it’s shaped, dropping it from several feet is almost a guarantee that it’ll break.


The ViewTV AR-468AW boasts an extraordinary 70-mile reception range, which gives you a lot of room to work with in an effort to receive digital TV broadcasts. Unfortunately, user experience doesn’t match, as many hit a limit of 50 miles or, in some cases, just 25 miles. Environment is a huge factor—even the powered devices in your home.One of the TV antennas with a more impressive mile range is the Ailuki Outdoor Amplified HDTV Antenna, which boasts of an impressive 150 mile range.


To make matters worse, customer reviews paint a damning picture. Far too often buyers noted broken units, frayed wires, and even a missing power supply. It’s rather difficult to power a unit without its power supply. With such shoddy packaging and quality, you’re better off going with a reliable brand, like the Philips SDV7114A.

ViewTV AR-468AW Wrap Up

It would appear picking up the ViewTV AR-468AW is a gamble, especially with the unit and packaging. Yes, what it offers is above average compared to other similarly priced TV antennas—but its execution is less than stellar. Seventy mile reception range? Maybe half that. Reception strength? Less than stellar. You may want to look elsewhere.

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