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If you are trying to upgrade your work or play station on a budget, the viewsonic xg2401 g sync monitor can bring you up to speed at a great price. This monitor from our list of the Best Freesync Gaming Monitors gives you a fast refresh rate which will produce great image quality during your video games or movies.

Why We Like It – ViewSonic XG2401 G Sync

The viewsonic xg2401 g sync is the ideal monitor if you want to watch your content in all its HD glory while staying on a budget. Even though you pay significantly less for this monitor than others, it still has a 1ms response time which will help you enjoy your games with no input lag.

  • Low price with top tier features
  • AMD freesync technology gets rid of motion blur
  • Factory setting does not bring out the best image, so you may have to adjust it


This monitor will give you a great refresh rate of 144hz, as long as you stay within that margin you should expect no stuttering of any sort. If you would like to find monitors with similar refresh rates, you may be interested in the viewsonic xg2402. AMD Freesync technology helps the monitor provide smooth transitions between frame rates during games or movies. If you would rather have Nvidia g sync technology, there are different viewsonic models that fulfill that desire.

Viewing angle

The 24” inch 1080p monitor has limited viewing angles due to the TN panel type of display. It is able to show content with a resolution of 1920×1080. Gamers and remote workers rejoice because there is a blue light filter that combats eye fatigue during extended hours at work or play. If you would like to find a monitor that takes your eyes into consideration, another product to check out is the aoc cq32g1.


With most modern monitors, they last a great amount of time as long as they don’t encounter any significant physical harm. In the event that you have defects of any sort, this product has an industry leading 3 year warranty from a US based team.


The ports included in this model are a headphone jack, 1 display port, an HDMI port, 2 USB 3.0, and 1 USB 2.0. If you are not sold on this monitor yet, you may want to check out alternate options like the aoc agon ag322qc4. With an extensive of ports, you can charge your phone and connect more devices into your monitor.


The Viewsonic monitor offers multiple places to connect your devices. Your content will look even better with the extra visual details with the freesync technology. Thanks to the blue light filter, you can binge on without feeling the fatigue that comes along with watching countless seasons of tv and movies. Any casual gamer will enjoy playing their games with a vivid display and might even experience less losses in the game because of the rapid response time.

ViewSonic XG2401 G Sync Wrap Up

With the viewsonic xg2401 g, you can take advantage of the latest specs available with a small budget. If you like to enjoy your games with full HD graphics, the adaptive sync features will provide smooth gameplay and give you that competitive edge while playing.

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