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When searching through all the options for the best 24 inch monitor, the Viewsonic vx2452mh has to be near the top of the list. The ultra high 2MS fast response time, 60 HZ refresh rate, and a full HD 1080p screen, helps make this gaming monitor an easy pick. Much like the Acer R240HY set up, the HDMI interface allows you to connect with different HD devices including laptop PCs, gaming consoles, cameras, and Blu-ray players. The full HD resolution, combined with the mega dynamic contrast ratio, allows for superior gaming experience.

Why We Like It – Viewsonic vx2452mh

A combination of a fast response time and an impressive game mode, moves the Viewsonic vx2452mh into the “higher quality full HD” monitor category. The mega dynamic contrast ratio is a sweet fixture that helps distinguish darker and brighter colors from each other, allowing vibrant, rich, blur free images, without intense power consumption.

  • Good viewing angles
  • Mega dynamic contrast ratio
  • HDMI and DVI input
  • No HDMI cord included
  • Base a bit wobbly


The top feature of this high definition monitor is the combination of the mega dynamic contrast ratio with its game mode. Darker scenes are much more detailed than before. The game mode feature, along with comfortable viewing angles, complement the sharp, bright, full HD picture. The monitor comes with dual integrated speakers with stereo sound which can have additional speakers added, so you can expand your sound experience. The speaker quality come close to other options, such as the ASUS VA24EHE.


The blur free images on this large 24 inch screen is a pleasure to look at. The mount, although a little shaky, is Vesa mountable. Despite the large screen, the monitor itself is mostly sturdy and lightweight for easy travel. The LED light at the bottom can be turned off and the HDMI, DVI, and other inputs are pretty self-explanatory.


Much like the LG 24M47VQ, the quality, and sharpness of the Viewsonic vx2452mh makes this a bargain for its price. It comes with a limited warranty, which is always a nice security blanket. But the added features, such as game mode, which uses the mega dynamic contrast ratio is worth the price in itself. The speakers are good enough not to need any additional boosting…but the option is there if you want to.

Viewsonic vx2452mh Wrap Up

With the Viewsonic vx2452mh, you’re going to get more than you pay for. Mega dynamic contrast ratio helps deliver sharp, crisp images, and the game mode leaves you knowing that you are experiencing all the game can visually offer. Even though the stand is a bit wobbly, the fast response time and blur free images that pop off the screen, this will impress. These features, along with an impressive price, make the Viewsonic vx2452mh a smart buy.

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