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ViewSonic VP2468 Review

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Updated October 28, 2022
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If you’re on the search for a recreational monitor that can also be used for video editing, all in a budget, the ViewSonic VP2468 might be the choice for you. Offering a fantastic viewing experience all while keeping low on power consumption. Even being a 1080p monitor, the ViewSonic VP2468 still offers fantastic color accuracy, earning its spot on our list for best video editing monitor and best computer monitors.

Why We Like It – ViewSonic VP2468

The ViewSonic VP2468 offers a full HD picture for a fair price. Being able to use this monitor without a stand, ViewSonic’s monitor is versatile and useful.

  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Great viewing angles
  • Darks and whites can be seen clearly
  • No speakers
  • Lack of a traditional Displayport


In terms of performance, the ViewSonic VP2468 packs surprising power for its price. With an IPS panel and a 100% sRGB rating, this monitor performs just as well as monitors that have triple the asking price. The only thing that would make this perfect is if instead of 1080p, the ViewSonic VP2468 had a 4K resolution. While unfortunately, this isn’t the case, the LG 27UK650-W does have a 4K resolution.

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Viewing Angle

178 degrees is a great viewing angle for any desktop monitor, especially the ViewSonic VP2468. The best part about it is even with adjustments, changing the VP2468 to a vertical monitor, the viewing angles remain the same.

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With a stand that is versatile and adjustable, the ViewSonic VP2468 offers the best range of motion for the price. Able to be converted to a vertical monitor, anywhere you look at the ViewSonic VP2468, you’ll have a clear picture.


With a bezel-less screen and a durable stand, the ViewSonic VP2468 feels as good as a monitor in the $200 price range can. However, unless you plan on mounting this monitor, it can feel a bit insecure at times. Those looking for a more secure monitor can find one in the Samsung CHG90 49-Inch Curved Ultrawide Monitor.


The ViewSonic VP2468 comes equipped with USB 3.0 ports, HDMI and DisplayPort Mini and Daisy Chain capabilities to connect several monitors together with a single DisplayPort cable. While there is a DisplayPort mini, there is no 1.3 DisplayPort, an odd choice seeing as how popular the DisplayPort is. Those looking for a monitor featuring a DisplayPort can either buy an adapter or can go for the Dell UltraSharp UP3216Q.

ViewSonic VP2468 Wrap Up

At the end of the day, despite other higher resolution monitors offering more features, the ViewSonic VP2468 is an affordable alternative that still manages to pack in features vital for video editing. Whether it’s the clearly visible darks and whites, viewing angles, or the money it’ll save you with its energy efficiency. ViewSonic’s monitor surprises and meets the demand for monitors that get the job done without breaking the bank. Even with no speakers or a traditional DisplayPort, the VP2468 is a reliable choice that can get any job done.