ViewSonic VA2855SMH Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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90 Expert Rating

Offering a full HD picture, the ViewSonic VA2855SMH provides a fantastic pixel performance, all while keeping power consumption from going out of control with Eco Mode. With great viewing angles and anti-flicker technology along with a blue light filter, this monitor claims a spot in our list of best monitors for eyes and best gaming monitor. This is no easy feat. Take a look at some of the monitors that make up our list of the best computer monitors to see how it stacks up.

Why We Like It – ViewSonic VA2855SMH

For home and office use, the ViewSonic VA2855SMH is hard to beat. Coming with two HDMI ports, the ViewSonic VA2855SMH switch on the fly between two different inputs should the need arise. With Optimized View settings, you’ll be able to adjust to your preference, providing the perfect picture.

  • Power consumption is kept to a minimum.
  • Two HDMI ports for multiple inputs
  • Optimized View Settings
  • Stand feels unable to support the monitor, and cannot be adjusted.
  • No USB ports


The brand ViewSonic is widely known for its stellar color performance and ease of use. With the VA2855SMH, this monitor continues that very trend. With a phenomenal static contrast ratio and color, This LED monitor comes packed with features. The most prominent one is The Optimized View settings, allowing you to adjust to find the perfect settings for yourself. However, if you’re looking for an LCD monitor that’s ready to go out of the box, the BenQ GW2280 Eye Care may be the right fit for you.

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Viewing Angle

An LED-type monitor can offer a fairly well viewing experience, and the ViewSonic VA2855SMH only proves that. While LCDs can offer a clearer picture, like the Dell UltraSharp U2412M, they are often more pricey. Dell’s monitor can also be adjusted, something that cannot be said about the ViewSonic VA2855SMH. The included base does not offer any ability to adjust at all, resulting in users mainly having one viewing angle. This is a problem easily solved with a VESA mount, as the ViewSonic VA2855SMH is VESA compatible.

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Another reason to ditch the included stand and instead opt for a VESA mount: the stand does not feel durable at all. A knockdown from an otherwise great monitor, the fact that it can not be adjusted at all does not help it. The monitor itself feels fantastic, and mounted will certainly never risk being compromised. The best way to use this monitor is without the stand.


The ViewSonic VA2855SMH comes with a VGA, HDMI, Audio line-in and out ports. Compared to HDMI VGA offers a less crisp picture, though it seems like ViewSonic wants consumers to use that display option, as it comes with a VGA cable upon purchase. What the VA2855SMH does lack is any USB ports. Unlike the ViewSonic VX2457-MHD, this monitor only features connectivity ports. Though if you don’t connect anything to your monitor this shouldn’t be a problem.


A detriment to the value of the ViewSonic VA2855SMH is the included stand, however, the monitor does not share the same problems. Used on a VESA compatible mount, the VA2855SMH offers a competitive picture that’s hard to beat when it comes to working productivity. Including stereo speakers, while not the best quality, is still a neat feature to include. What could have increased its value is some added USB ports, but for the price, the selection is good enough.

ViewSonic VA2855SMH Wrap Up

Despite its pitfalls, the ViewSonic VA2855SMH manages to overcome them with a monitor that impresses and gets the job done. Once you leave behind the included stand and if you are alright with having no USB ports, the VA2855SMH will impress with low power consumption, optimized view settings, and two HDMI ports to switch between inputs.

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