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The VIEWSONIC VA2759 is designed for the casual user. After several years of the same looking models, ViewSonic has beefed up their monitors with performance and look in an effort to offer the best 27 inch monitor,. This one may not be on the high end of options, but it surely holds its own. This LED monitor has an impressive contrast ratio and response time leading to sharp images that are crisp and clear.

Why We Like It – Viewsonic VA2759

The VIEWSONIC VA2759 is a full HD monitor that holds its own for both home and office use. With impressive Ultra Wide viewing angles, and issue free technology, this monitor will deliver an immersive viewing experience for all at home entertainment.

  • Sharp viewing angles
  • Multiple multimedia inputs
  • Impressive screen performance
  • Some color blending
  • Base a bit wobbly


You’re not going to find much of a difference between the VIEWSONIC VA2759 and other good monitors, unless you are talking about pure eye comfort. thanks to it’s enhanced viewing screen performance. Superclear IPS panel technology truly does minimize eyestrain and improves comfort for long periods of gaming or work. Full HD resolution enhances the razor sharp clarity with impressive detail. Unlike the ACER r240hy, which focuses on quality gaming, this monitor is ideal for all-around office work and home use.


Compared to other new monitors of this size, the VA2759 SMH does have a thicker back. However, the frameless design makes up for the space. The thin basil does allow for multiple screen use and it does just that. Just like most monitors at this price, the base is a standard plastic circle which does it’s job, but can look a little nicer. If you want a slick looking flat monitor, this one doesn’t quite reach that goal. Standard HDMI and VGA inputs all located in an accessible area.


All of the different specs that are included with the VIEWSONIC VA2759
make for an excellent deal. This IPS panel which displays a nice looking 27 inches surely gives you the feel that you truly invested in an expensive monitor. Just like other monitors of it’s kind like the ASUS va24ehe monitor 1920×1080 d sub for example, this quality screen offers three years of warranty which is a nice little perk of protection. For the price tag, you’re getting an excellent deal for general multi media users.”

Viewsonic VA2759 Wrap Up

Some users enjoy a more round 27 inch monitor and that’s exactly what the VIEWSONIC VA2759 offers. Like the LG 24m47vq, the slim shape, nice connectivity options, crisp visual quality, and all the input/output options you need, you’ll be getting a multi-purpose, well-performing screen. With a nice three-year warranty, you can feel free to take this monitor wherever you go and not worry about any dings or dents that could damage it. In the end, purchasing this monitor appears to be an excellent bargain.

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