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ViewSonic PX747 Review

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Updated July 16, 2021
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With such high quality for such a low price, it’s easy to see why we think the ViewSonic PX747 is the single best projector for bright rooms on the market, and one of the best ceiling mounted projectors. For the price lower than many full HD projectors, this home entertainment system offers true 4K resolution and excellent brightness. A variety of other features makes this a great addition to any living room – though a low contrast ratio can compromise the color quality.

Why We Like It – ViewSonic PX747

The ViewSonic PX747 is perhaps the cheapest home theater projector that offers true native 4K resolution. A high maximum brightness ensures excellent ultra HD picture quality even in brightly lit rooms. Rounded out with a quality built-in speaker, easy installation, and HDR support, this home entertainment system is an extraordinary value.

  • High maximum brightness
  • Exceptional picture quality
  • Great value
  • Low contrast ratio


The ViewSonic PX747 offers incredible picture quality even among other DLP projectors. True 4K resolution paired with a contrast ratio of 12,000:1 and RGBRGB color wheel enhanced with SuperColor technology delivers incredible display with bright colors and good black levels. A quality 10W speaker is built in to provide excellent room-filling sound. The projector also has a tolerable input lag of approximately 43ms, making it capable of quality gaming as well as viewing. Alternatively, the Acer H7850 and the BenQ TK800 are both great 4K projectors.


This DLP projector gives off an impressive 3,500 ANSI lumens of both white and color brightness at its maximum setting. Unfortunately, the ViewSonic PX747’s relatively low contrast ratio means there will be some washout of color in the presence of too much ambient light, even though the projector itself can overcome the brightness of well-lit rooms and daylight with ease. One of the few projectors capable of giving off even more brightness, the Vankyo Performance V600 offers a staggering 6,000 lumens, though comes with the same drawback of a low contrast ratio.

Adjustability/Viewing Angle

The ViewSonic PX747 has a variety of adjustability features, such as a 1.2x optical zoom and vertical keystone correction, for additional flexibility of placement options. The projector also comes with different modes to tailor your viewing experiences, such as bright mode and movie mode. The PX747 can be easily mounted on the ceiling or on a surface, though it lacks a vertical lens shift function. Included with the projector is a backlit remote control for easy adjusting from the comfort of your seat. Another projector that has a remote control is the Elephas Mini Portable Projector.


The ViewSonic PX747 has a sturdy frame of 5.31×13.07×10.28, weighing about 9.26 pounds. Of special note is the bulb, which has a lamp life of an impressive 15,000 hours when the projector is run on Super Eco mode, though this would be reduced when run on other modes and with frequent use. ViewSonic also offers an industry-leading warranty of 1 year on the bulb and 3 years on limited parts and labor.


Offering a true 4K resolution for under $1,000 alone makes the ViewSonic PX747 an exceptional value. Adding support for HDR content, plenty of adjustability features, and high maximum brightness and lamp life, this projector is clearly an incredible value. The PX747 punches far above its weight class and contends with many high-end projectors at a fraction of their price tag, and makes for an excellent addition to any viewing experience without breaking the bank.

ViewSonic PX747 Wrap Up

While its low contrast ratio poses something of a fatal flaw to this projector, the ViewSonic PX747 is an all-around beast of a machine that will faithfully deliver excellent images and ease-of-use for years to come. If you’re looking to take your first steps into a true 4K experience, you will find few better, and none cheaper, than the ViewSonic PX747.

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