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With such high quality for such a low price, it’s easy to see why we think this is the best projector for sports on the market. For the price lower than many full HD projectors, this home entertainment system offers UHD resolution and excellent brightness. A variety of other features makes this a great addition to any living room – though a low contrast ratio can compromise the color quality.

Why We Like It – ViewSonic PX747

The ViewSonic PX747 is perhaps the cheapest home theater projector that offers true native 4K resolution. A high maximum brightness ensures excellent ultra HD picture quality even in brightly lit rooms. Rounded out with a quality built-in speaker, easy installation, and HDR compatibility, this home cinema system is an extraordinary value.

  • Ultra HD resolution
  • High maximum brightness
  • Low price tag
  • Low contrast ratio


The ViewSonic PX747 offers ultra HD resolution through a DLP projector with XPR technology and enhanced with SuperColor technology, and even sports HDR compatibility. The built-in 10W speaker offers immersive sound for your viewing experience. Unfortunately, the incredible image quality is somewhat limited by the projector’s low contrast ratio of 12,000:1. For a higher contrast ratio, check out the Acer H7850 or the Optoma EH415ST, both excellent 4K projectors. Regardless, this projector delivers high picture quality without breaking the bank. If a projector with network control and 3D display technology is a must-have, check out the Optoma EH500.


One of the greatest attributes of the ViewSonic PX747 is its high brightness. The light source produces a maximum brightness of 3,500 ANSI lumens ensures a quality viewing even during daylight hours and in bright rooms. The low contrast ratio means you will get the best quality in a dark room, but it can display in nearly any environment without sacrificing resolution. For higher contrast ratio, the LG HU80KA is a great alternative at the expense of a lower maximum brightness.

Adjustability/Viewing Angle

The ViewSonic PX747 has a minimum throw distance of 3.2’, with a maximum of 38.4’. This produces a highly variable image size from 30” to an impressive 300”. The wider 1.2 optical zoom feature in conjunction with vertical keystone correction allows easier setup and a variety of placement options, as well as flexible mounting options for simple installation. The projector also comes with a backlit remote control to easily change its settings.


The ViewSonic PX747 sports a fairly durable 5.31×13.07×10.28” case with several HDMI connection options. The lamp life of the projector, when used in SuperEco mode, has an impressive average of 15,000 hours, though this is reduced if used in movie mode. ViewSonic offers a generous 3 year warranty on parts and labor, with the exception of the bulb, for which is offered a 1 year warranty.


Displaying in native 4K resolution for under $1000 alone is enough to make the ViewSonic PX747 an unprecedented value. The addition of HDR compatibility, vertical keystone correction, a variety of connection options, and a quality built-in speaker all add immensely to the already incredible value. Unfortunately, this value is lowered somewhat by the projector’s fairly low contrast ratio. Despite this flaw, the PX747 is nothing short of an amazing value.

ViewSonic PX747 Wrap Up

Though the contrast ratio is something of an Achilles’ Heel to this projector, the ViewSonic PX747 is a high-quality machine that will deliver incredible ultra HD resolution even in bright environments. The extraordinarily low price tag makes this an excellent projector to consider buying for your excursion into the realm of 4K ultra high-definition.

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