ViewSonic PA503S Review

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Updated November 28, 2022
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While looking for the best business projector, it should be abundantly clear to you that these projectors do not come with great contrast ratios out of the box. But, the ViewSonic PA503S is different as this projector features a great contrast ratio at very high brightness ranges. And other aspects are also good enough for us to recommend this projector easily.

Why We Like It – ViewSonic PA503S

The ViewSonic PA503S is a high-brightness, use-anywhere type of business DLP projector that comes at a reasonable price. It can produce bright images with its 3800 lumens (3300 ANSI lumens) lamp, and it doesn’t burn out easily with the SuperEco mode.

  • Still has VGA cable support
  • Remote control included
  • 15000 hours lamp life with the SuperEco mode enabled
  • 260 watts power consumption


Coming in at just above $280, this 3800 lumens SVGA projector features full HD (1080p) resolution. The light source in the PA503S projector is a lamp with 15000 hours of lifespan. And ViewSonic’s proprietary SuperColor technology really helps alleviate the colors to make them “pop” on display. If you don’t need 1080p, but care about the fan noise, take a look at the Epson VS250. The Epson Home Cinema 2150 Wireless 1080p 3LCD projector is worth checking out as it displays exceptional picture quality at high brightness, with plenty of features to further enhance your experience.


As previously mentioned, this ViewSonic 1080p projector comes with a 3800 lumens lamp, so it’s extremely bright. The ANSI lumens number comes at around 3300 lumens, which is much better than its cousin, the ViewSonic M1+, which only has 300 lumens.

The key point here is that you’re not going to be able to find a brighter projector with the same level of contrast at this price point. But if budget is not a limitation for you, go for the BenQ MH760 1080P Business Projector.

Adjustability/Viewing Angle

The ViewSonic PA503S really is as adjustable as you can expect at its price. It only features vertical keystone correction adjustability. There is no sideways horizontal adjustability feature. In terms of the image size and the throw distance, there is a very premium feeling metallic zooming slider on top. However, it isn’t really very useful as it only has a 1.1x optical zoom lens. The Epson EX7240 has a much better system for zoom adjustments.


We are mostly going to focus on the durability of the lamp here as that is the main component that fails easily. As we mentioned multiple times before, ViewSonic advertises 15000 hours of lifespan for the lamp. But you need to keep in mind that it is in SuperEco mode, where the brightness can decrease as much as 30%. If you can make that tradeoff, the ViewSonic PA503S is for you.


Coming to the value proposition of the ViewSonic PA503S, it’s the best projector period for budget shoppers. All the other cheaper projectors come with lower-brightness lamps at higher price points. And even the input latency is below 50ms, which is respectable for a projector at this price.

ViewSonic PA503S Wrap Up

The ViewSonic PA503S is a reliable projector that is capable of supporting large displays at a very high brightness lumen for its price. Also, it maintains a good contrast ratio at the same time, making it one of the easiest recommendations for an office projector.

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