On the list of everyday objects to get the “smart” treatment, you might not be surprised to find windows as the latest addition – after all, they already look a bit like a computer screen. But View Dynamic Glass is a different, more tinted concept of what commercial smart glass will look like. This intelligent window is designed for apartments, offices, and other spaces with a need for lots of glass and plenty of potential for energy savings.

The smart part of this intelligent window comes into play when you consider its remote control and tinting features. The basic package for View Dynamic offers controls that allow you to adjust the tint of the window with the touch of a button. The intelligent windows also work via a phone app, so you can remotely adjust window tints through variety of tint levels (four different kinds, depending on the type of glass you pick). Sun too bright in the morning? Choose a tint level to darken your room. Want more afternoon light to wake you up? Remove tints with a tap on your phone.

So much for personalized apartment control. But for businesses, public buildings and other projects, View Dynamic Glass offers an additional benefit. Its intelligence package can automatically adjust window tints based on factors like the height of the sun, the presence of clouds, the time of day and the angle of the light. Working in concert, with all windows in your building tinting or untinting as needed, this can save a significant amount of money when it comes to heating and cooling costs.

It may not feature touchscreen glass or advanced open-and-close modes, but View’s intelligent window is all the smarter for keeping things simple: Most of the customization lies in the ability to pick exactly what kind of glass you want and customize your inner air layer options. It is suddenly easy to envision a future where all our office and studio windows adjust themselves to the light and we can skip the blinds and tint windows ourselves via phone.

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