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Vier Adds Some Extra Protection To Your Bike

Cable locks for bikes have been around for ages, but some believe that they cannot provide definite protection against theft, as people have found easy ways to get rid of it. Due to this factor, Allen and Paige Young have created Vier bike lock which aims to take security to a new level. Vier consists of two cylindrical rods, which fits into a 14mm diameter shackles, which are made of vinyl-covered hardened steel. The two cylindrical rods fits into the shackles, and have to keys to unlock both sides.

Many users must be wondering the lock would be hefty to carry, but it’s not. The lock weighs only 3.25 lbs, and the company touts it can fit into a bag the size of a burrito so you could carry it around with ease. The bag measures 8″ long x 3.7″ wide x 1.7″ tall, and can fit under the saddle so that you can easily fit it under the saddle and go where ever you want to.

The design looks promising, and they’ve taken it to Kickstarter to gather funds so they can enter into mass production and make this prototype a reality. They have amassed over $10,000 against their goal of $25,000 with 29 more days to go. The locks are expected to ship in December, if they reach their funding goal. Users interested in the lock can get an early bird unit starting at $65, and it can go as high as you want. If you think it’s something useful for you, head over to Kickstarter to pledge, or get additional information.

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