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Video of the Day: How To Make A Tesla (video)

While we have a slight (and growing) penchant for actual How Tos, this is not one of them despite the title.  Yet, wouldn’t it be great if you could some how build your own Tesla S, or a slight variant there of.  A kit car perhaps.

The above video depicts just how a Tesla S is made.  The process includes 3,000 employees and 160 robots, which equates to 400 Tesla S vehicles produced each week.

According to Wired, when Toyota and GM owned the plant they were churning out 6,000 cars every 7 days. Tesla, needless to say, is no where near that, but nor do they need to be.

I’ve never been inside a car factory – I had the chance last year at Ford but missed it – but the process shown in this short video is impressive.  That all said, the Tesla factory spans 5 million square feet and is located in Fremont California.

Tesla S Factory

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