Victorinox Wallet Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Anyone who doesn’t really appreciate leather might find the Victorinox wallet to be a pretty good alternative. This is because it happens to be made of a nylon material, which is great for anyone who might want to have something lighter compared to a leather bi fold wallet. The Victorinox wallet goes for about $33, and this is quite affordable compared to what some of the Best Cool Wallets cost. Could it be the Best Zipper Wallet for you? Let’s find out.

Why We Like It – Victorinox Wallet Review

Coming from the company that’s responsible for the original swiss army knife, the Victorinox Wallet is a simple yet stylish accessory that you can use to move around with your essentials. It’s got a satin micromesh slot inside that you can use to store your ID card, a decent number of credit card slots and is made of a durable nylon material that is scratch resistant.

  • Satin micromesh ID card slot
  • Zip around for safe enclosure
  • Lightweight
  • No RFID blocking technology


Only available in black, the Victorinox Wallet is designed for use by both men and women, and with a zip enclosure, all your items should be able to stay intact as you move around with it. Unlike the MaxGear Credit Card Wallet with Zipper, the wallet doesn’t have any extra foldings on the inside, but as a result, it’s not likely to bulge out when you slot it into your back pocket.


Even though the Victorinox wallet is not made out of leather, it’ll still be able to push through a number of years in use as long as you’re able to handle it with good care. It also doesn’t scratch as easily as leather does, so it should be able to withstand a bit of mistreatment. The metal zipper is also very solid, so you shouldn’t expect it to get misaligned easily.


Once you unzip the Victorinox Wallet, you’ll find that inside it’s got a micromesh slot where you can put your ID card inside on the left, and a bunch of credit card slots on the right. It certainly won’t be able to hold as many credit cards as the FurArt Credit Card Wallet, but instead, you will be able to put some coins or even a key inside when needed.


The Victorinox wallet measures about 4.5 x 0.5 x 4, making it only slightly larger than the Vaultskin NOTTING HILL Slim Zip Wallet. It makes a great travel wallet for anyone that might want to move around with some essentials, and even though it has no specific coin pocket, it’s zip enclosure will still ensure that you’re able to store some coins inside for quick access. Some people may want a masculine wallet like DONWORD RFID Zipper Wallet that is made by hand.


If there’s one thing that would have made the Victorinox Wallet a lot more worthwhile to buy, it would be RFID blocking technology. This would have made it less prone to RFID credit card theft. Otherwise, it’s still a great unisex wallet.

Victorinox Wallet Review Wrap Up

Widely known for their swiss army knives, Victornox is a company that produces a wide range of products, so you can trust that their products are of good quality. If you’ve never been able to purchase their products before, please try and go through some of the customer reviews that have been left on its Amazon page, and you might just come across more reasons why you should get it.

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