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Victoria 73 Cape Town Home is Celebrity Ready (pics)

Cape Town might just be one of the world’s most beautiful cities.  It’s majestically positioned on the sea, and unlike Santa Monica, CA boasts clear blue sky, a European inspired culture, and prices so low you’d think you were in the midwest.  Yes, it’s that attractive.

And that’s why if anyone had half the opportunity to buy this home, they would. It’s Called the Victoria 73 house and as you can see sits on the water’s edge.  An infinity pool is positioned in such as way that it makes it appear as if you could swim right into the big blue ocean.  The bottom floor sports giant sliding French doors, converting the common seating area into an indoor/outdoor space, while the upstairs includes floor to ceiling windows.  The finishes, to say the least, are opulent. And although it’s quiet contemporary, the use of wood and incandescent lighting makes for a warm atmosphere.

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