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This artificial ficus plant by Vickerman is a great option for someone who doesn’t have the time to maintain a plant (or can’t place one where they want because of the lack of sunlight). Although it didn’t make our list of the best artificial plants, it nonetheless is a strong, realistic-looking contender for your home or office.

Why We Like It – Vickerman Artificial Ficus In Decorative Rattan Baskets

This artificial ficus plant is the perfect addition to any room. Spruce up your home or office space with this maintenance-free, realistic-looking plant!

  • Looks Full and Realistic
  • Plant Trunk Is Made of Real Wood
  • Comes With A Decorative Rattan Basket
  • May Smell When You Open It
  • You Can Still Tell This Plant Is Fake Despite Using Real Wood For The Trunk


Even though this is an artificial ficus plant it maintains a realistic look by utilizing high-quality materials. The trunk of this plant is made of real wood, the 950 multi-shade (and multi-size) leaves are made of silk, and the plant itself comes in a well-crafted rattan basket. You might be able to tell that this plant is fake from a foot away, but from across the room, it’s sure to fool all your guests! Try the Nearly Natural 6ft Ficus Artificial Plant if you want to have a variety of large, realistic plants.


This artificial plant has two pot options: a square willow container or a rattan basket (the Butterfly Craze Artificial Lavender Artificial Plants also have a variety of pot options!). Beyond that, all the plants have the same features. Each plant has 950 silk leaves that are attached to faux branches on a real wood trunk. The bottom of each pot is covered in moss for a more realistic look. Even though these plants are four feet tall they only weigh 7 pounds, which is great for anyone who likes to rearrange a lot but can’t lift anything heavy.


Although not as cheap as a product like the LuckyGreenery Artificial Plant Succulents, this fake ficus plant is still a decent purchase for the price. A lot of the value for this plant comes from the pot; you can get bigger faux ficus plants for less money, but they won’t have as nice of a pot. The rest of the value is in the real wood that is used for the plants’ trunk. If it wasn’t for the pot and the real wood, this plant wouldn’t be worth $63.18.

Vickerman Artificial Ficus In Decorative Rattan Baskets Wrap Up

There are definitely bigger and better options out there for artificial ficus plants. If you are really dead set on having a nice pot that doesn’t have to be purchased additionally then this plant is a good option for you. Otherwise, we’d recommend you go with our #1 artificial plant pick, Nearly Natural 6ft Ficus Artificial Plant, instead.

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