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Updated November 26, 2022
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Have you been looking for a standing desk that is simple but still elegantly capable? Something that is solid and will last for many years to come? Something that performs smoothly without disturbing the peace of your home? Well, you’re in luck because the Vertdesk V3 is among one of the best out there that serves its price tag well enough. The good height range for anyone ranging from 5’6” to 6’1”, a weight capacity that will keep all the things you need ranging from multiple displays to documents, and most importantly the smooth motor process that will last for the years to come and is pretty easy to control with the added memory controller make the Vertdesk V3 what it is today. And so, with all that, the Verdesk V3 stands out as potentially the best standing desk for many of you out there. Check our office equipment post and discover other great products.

Why We Like It – Vertdesk v3

Being one of the more premium standing desks out there, the Vertdesk V3 comes with a whole range of benefits and none, if not few drawbacks. You get a top of the line memory controller allowing you to adjust the height from 27Inches to 47.5Inches with a one-touch mechanism. And not to worry, with the anti collision system along with a built in protection feature, the Vertdesk V3 will automatically stop if something comes in it’s way during motion. As for making sure you can keep all your stuff within reach, the Vertdesk V3 provides you with a 275 pounds weight capacity and also additional file cabinets, keyboard trays and cable trays that you can buy.

  • Great weight capacity for keeping all your stuff
  • Solid build and greatly durable
  • Smooth and convenient adjustment method
  • Height range isn’t the best out there
  • Price places it well beyond the reach of most people

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A weight capacity of 275 pounds paired with the adjustable height range of 20 Inches starting from 27Inches to 47.5Inches, gives the Vertdesk V3 one of the best specs you can ask for in a standing desk. While the adjustment range may limit it for people who are on the extreme side of either edge of height, it will serve well for most people. And to make the weight capacity all the more better, the optional file cabinets and keyboard trays make for added functionality and you even get to manage your cables with additional cable trays unlike the Seville Classics AIRLIFT.

Moreover, when it comes to adjusting the height itself, the Vertdesk V3 Electric standing desk comes with a single powerful motor system that is paired with the hex rod to make it possible for the desk to smoothly change between any height without causing much or any vibration to the things atop the desktop. And to make sure you easily change between different standing heights, maybe set some in between heights or fix the desk for two people, the added memory control box provides you with 4 pre-set memory height settings with one-touch buttons similar to the Uplift Desk. Now you may be wondering what if something comes in the way of the desk while it is moving, would the desk end up getting damaged? Well, not to be worried as the Vertdesk V3 comes with built-in protections like many other electric standing desks. A gyrossense sensor along with a well sensitive anti collision feature, the desk stops with ease if something comes in it’s way, and that is without shaking up everything atop the work surface. As a plus point you can also get a bluetooth control box for more convenient height adjustment if you need it.

As for how stable the Vertdesk V3 actually is, you’ll be happy to know that while it does come with a dual I-beam configuration and two telescoping leg structures, you also get a cross support with the cross beam to give the desk frame an added stability. That too at the highest height setting. Now there are some reports of side to side wobbling at the highest height according to the desk review from customers, but even so, for a height adjustment desk it isn’t much and is still more than stable for a sit stand desk for your home office. You also get adjustable foot glides changing half an inch in length making for better stability.

Moving onto the set up process of the Vertdesk V3, it is fairly simple and similar to the process of other office furniture but certainly a bit different from most adjustable desks. This is mostly due to the fact that it comes with a hex rod which is a bit hard to set between the legs according to btod com. But other than that, with all the tools included other than a standard screwdriver, it may take you well under an hour to set up the standing desk beside your office door for added productivity. Also, be sure to check out comfortable chairs like the one in our YAMASORO ergonomic executive office chair review for when you are taking a break from standing.


To start with the desktop itself, you get a 1-⅛ Inch thick wood surface that is paired with a wood grain laminate for added durability. Being a pretty thick laminate, it will also protect the desk from most scratches or scrapes and make it a bit more resistant to stains. As for the design of the top, you don’t get the curved like edge that can be found in the ApexDesk Elite as well as the Varidesk Prodesk 60, which may be a bit of a limitation in terms of ergonomics. But other than that, you can choose from many different options for the desk size all of which vary in width whilst staying the same in length. It starts with the width of 36Inches and goes all the way up to 84Inches making for a good range of options.
Aside from that, you also get multiple colour options, thus giving you an overall stylish look for your office space.


Priced at about $518 for the smallest size and increasing in price as the size increases, the Vertdesk V3 is most certainly not cheap. You also have to pay about $49 for the programmable controls and so overall it is pretty much more expensive than most other standing desks. But considering that the parts are brought together to the US from different parts of the world and giving you a 5 year warranty on the electronic and 10 years on the frame and desktop, you get yourself a pretty solid deal. While you can contact Vert through the email address provided in their page for further information regarding the part gathering process, the Vertdesk V3 remains to be a premium and durable adjustable standing desk that is worth the price for many of you out there. And if the price is too much for you, there are still many other more affordable options out there that are worth checking out.

Vertdesk v3 Wrap Up

A desk that provides you with a good height and weight range as well as a smooth adjusting process with built in sensors for safety, the Vertdesk V3 provides everything worth it’s price. And paired with the solid frame, desktop and electronics that will last you a good amount of years as well as the pretty simple control process, the Vertdesk V3 stands out as one of the best premium standing desks out there. Just make sure you’re okay with the price tag and you fit the height range.

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