Version Tech Fan Review

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Updated July 12, 2022
90 Expert Rating

The Version Tech Fan is a great fan of all use cases. Featuring a high-speed fan, durable build quality, and rechargeable battery support, it’s the best fan for the baby room that is also modular.

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Why We Like It – Version Tech Fan

People love a personal portable table fan that they can use everywhere. But usually, a portable fan doesn’t have enough power to move air through a large area. The Version Tech Fan is one exception to that. Coming in at an unusually high price point for a USB desk fan, every penny you spend on it is worth it.

  • Very powerful motor and fan
  • Works both as an electric fan and a USB rechargeable battery-operated cooling fan
  • Enough clearing for the fans to move a lot of air through
  • Quality control is not up to mark considering its price

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The Version Tech Fan mini comes with a powerful motor and a high-speed fan. As always, it has different speed modes for adjusting the speed. But you don’t get the higher speed options while running on the battery. That is a bit of a bummer, but it’s understandable why they decided not to give that option to save battery life.


This personal portable desk fan is entirely made out of plastic. But it’s good quality ABS plastic. It should last for years without failing, something you don’t usually see on a USB desk fan. The openings are enormous for the fan to move air. But make sure not to put anything through them because even the fan blades are very durable. If you need a bladeless table fan, take a look at the PureFlow QT7.

Noise/Sound Level

The VersionTECH mini handheld fan is one of the quietest table fans you can buy. Even at max speed, it stays super quiet throughout. It’s an excellent buy if you plan to travel, sleep with it, or keep the fan in a baby’s room. Another great fan you can opt for is the Vornadobaby Breesi LS Nursery Fan to use in a baby’s room.

Versatility/Modern Features

This fan is excellent for manual adjustments. Besides controlling fan speed, you can also adjust and point the strong airflow 360° both vertically and horizontally. However, unfortunately, it doesn’t oscillate on its own. If you are looking for an oscillating fan, go for the Lasko Air Stick Tabletop fan. It even features a soft plastic clip to clip the table fan on any surface with less than 2.5cm thickness (e.g., a stroller). The soft plastic clip protects your furniture from getting scratched up or damaged. While it’s powerful and small, it doesn’t make a great stroller fan. For a great clip fan, you might like the SkyGenius Clip fan.


It does come at a premium price over most other portable fans. But considering its performance, modularity, portability, and adjustment options, it’s an excellent value for money buy for pretty much anyone.

Version Tech Fan Wrap Up

The Version Tech Fan is an excellent purchase for travelers and housemakers for outdoor and indoor usage, respectively.

Debanjan Chowdhury Profile image