Verizon Wireless Plans Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Let’s get this out of the way again so it’s crystal clear: Plans Verizon offers are the best coverage in the United States, period. Along with this, Verizon also offers Apple Music with their Unlimited Plans and unlimited data usage among many, many other things. It’s not a stretch to say they offer some of the best cell phone plans in the country. They also offer 5G ultra wideband, which will make your browsing and streaming that much faster.

Why We Like It – Verizon Wireless Plans

There’s a reason why Verizon Wireless Plans are considered among the best, if not the best, in the United States. Their wireless plans feature the greatest amount of coverage in the country, easily. And you should never underestimate coverage. If you’re constantly finding yourself hopping in-between small towns or dead zones, Verizon Wireless Plans may just be the choice for you.

  • Best Coverage in the United States
  • Free Apple Music with all Unlimited Plans
  • Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data with Unlimited Plans
  • Mobile Hotspot speed caps at 600kps with Start Unlimited Plan
  • Pricey

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Performance + Add New Category

To put it simply, Verizon offers the best coverage in the United States, super-fast speeds, and plenty of mobile hotspot data, including 15GB of LTE Data on Play More and Do More Unlimited Plans, which is the summary of Verizon Wireless. They offer a range of exciting cell phone plans. For example, their Start Unlimited Plan, which is their most basic unlimited plan, offers unlimited talk & text, as do all their other unlimited plans. Unfortunately, the mobile hotspot speed on the Start Unlimited Play plan maxest at 600 Kbps, which means goodbye to video streaming. If mobile hotspot speeds are important to you, Sprint offers a competitively priced unlimited data usage plan with great mobile hotspot data and speed.


All Verizon Unlimited Plans come with Apple Music for free. Just double-check which ones are free for the duration of your contract and which ones are timed-out after 6 months or so. As we’ve stated, Verizon Offers Unlimited Data, Unlimited Talk, with unlimited plans. They even have Premium Data plans which ensures your data is never cut-off. But if your family doesn’t need unlimited data the Medium or Large Verizon Plans might work because of two shared data plans. Available in 4GB or 8GB, you can share data between 10 devices. If you’re looking for the best provider geared for families, T-Mobile works great too.


Let’s be honest, a Verizon Plan price tag takes more compared to other providers. The truth is you can get unlimited data family plans with other providers for about what you would pay for 8 GB of data on Verizon plans for family. As a general rule of thumb, the cost per line is almost always cheaper when you operate within a family plan. Prepaid plans also don’t come with Mobile Hotspot tethering. We all want to pay less from our wireless plans, but remember that coverage counts too.

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Verizon Wireless Plans Wrap Up

Verizon is the best cell phone plans provider, but you will have to pay a bit more per month plus taxes/ fees to comparable cell phone providers. A nice feature is safety mode which lets you use data after your allowance is maxed at reduced speeds. Be aware this doesn’t apply to Unlimited Plans though.

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