Verizon VoIP Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Verizon, the giant itself, proves to be a great VoIP—perhaps the best VoIP by offering tempting bundles. Verizon is massive enough to handle services for both big and small businesses, with a healthy selection of tiers. It’s easy to use, and tech support will be willing to help when something happens outside of your control. And if you’re on a budget and need cloud storage, we’ve reviewed the 5 cheapest cloud storage services for you. And, if you’re after more services then read our top-rated VoIP services list.

Why We Like It – Verizon VoIP Review

Offering some of the best package deals around, to make bills easier to manage—in return getting VoIP service you’d expect from Verizon, with nice bonus features to boot.

  • Excellent choice for small to large businesses
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent tech support
  • Locked into a 2-year contract
  • Best deal includes Verizon Fios internet connection


As a business phone service, the Verizon VoIP is unsurprisingly good, with great call quality we expected from phone calls on a cell phone or home phone. And so many calling features! You can auto attendant, hunt grouping (call goes back to original, who didn’t answer), caller ID, and even do-not-disturb function. As a business VoIP, we find it’s important to have plenty of options available.

Verizon customer support is surprisingly good, but only when customer service is available for phone support. It isn’t 24/7, but neither is Vonage. For that kind of service, look to RingCentral or Jive. Using the office app on a mobile phone was straightforward, even if you hate smartphones.


The Verizon VoIP is designed to work behind the scenes; otherwise easy to use. Getting started—aside from specifications events—is particularly straightforward. If you have some technical know-how, it starts with launching the Business Digital Voice mobile client, and an analog phone adapter. Tutorials are available to watch, but an IT employee could have it ready in no time. From there, administrators can monitor and use VoIP services right then and there.


Getting Verizon Business Digital set up can be a bit of a drag, especially for a cloud based service. For starters, you’re locked into a 2-year contract, with a $99 setup fee, then it’s a per month basis. To get the best value, you would have to include Verizon Fios internet service, or Ooma Office. If you’re already tied to other service providers, you’ll have to consider jumping through more hoops. Phone lines, for example, start at 1 to 10, phone numbers for each, and expand with additional business services.

For small businesses, that’s less of a problem; it’s more towards companies that have already locked themselves into another internet provider. If that’s not for you, consider Vonage because you can avoid signing contracts. But let’s say you stick to this one—does it have great value? Absolutely. This is Verizon, after all. As a VoIP phone service, they’re already one of the best.

Verizon VoIP Review Wrap Up

Verizon VoIP just proves that it’s still one of the best VoIP providers and purveyor of VoIP services. Its VoIP systems are easy to use, and you can always count on tech support if there’s any problems, regardless of size. If you can, avoid the sting of a 2-year contract by taking Fios internet instead of just phone systems; it’s a better deal.

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