You’ll Never Want To Get Out Of The Venado Steam Shower

Venado Steam Shower,

I already take super long showers, usually ranging between fifteen to twenty minutes just relaxing under the hot streams of water, but if I had the Venado Steam Shower, I’d probably want to live in it! It seriously has everything you need (except a fridge) to keep you occupied for a good hour-long shower. You can catch up on your favorite TV shows or watch a game on its 8.4″ waterproof LCD TV or listen to your favorite tunes as you sing along with the MP3/MP4 input or FM radio with audio frequency input. You can even catch up with your mom with its built-in telephone! B

But since you’re in there to get clean, the shower sports a steam sauna, 30 jet heated whirlpool bathtub, rainfall ceiling shower and acupressure and foot massage. You’re never need to go to the spa again with this bad boy in your home! Not only does it feature more then enough luxury amenities, but it’s made well-constructed with easy-to-clean acrylic, strong aluminum alloy framing and toughened tempered glass. There’s also cushioned headrests to get nice and comfy, a fog-free mirror, two shampoo racks and two handheld adjustable shower heads. But having your own spa ins’t cheap… The Venado Steam Shower goes for $5,869.

Venado Steam Shower

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