4 True or False Statements on the Vemar Jiano EVO TC Night Vision Helmet (video)

1. My helmet size is a Large, so it should fit perfectly

FALSE – Make sure to try it on some how. Every company makes their helmets a little bit differently. And on top of that, I can’t assume any two heads are exactly the same. My head fits perfectly in a Scorpion [find out what type of helmet], so let that be a gauge for you. The moment I put on the Vemar helmet I noticed that the snugness felt right- but the length of helmet was too short. When I buckled up the chin strap it would not only press again my chin but also sometimes slide towards my neck. Not the most comforting feeling compared to the Scorpion.

2. The Night Vision feature is a complete gimmick

FALSE – When I said in the review that it can be used as a book light, I was only partially joking. If you are out and about all day and watch the transformation from day to night, you will notice how bright the helmet can get. I can’t tell you exactly how long this feature will last – since usually those chemicals weaken over time. But right out of the box, I think it is a pretty cool feature and one that makes me much more comfortable riding around at night. Also, what is amazing, is that even if you ride it at night, the helmet uses the lights from street laps to to soak up and use for the glow.

3. Modular helmets feel bulky and aren’t comfortable when riding

FALSE – Lets take a trip down memory lane. Do you remember when you first started riding? Do you remember how awkward it was to wear that massive helmet for the first time? Then there ya go – you got used to it. Didn’t you? You will experience the same learning curve with this style of helmet. Yes, you will feel a difference when the mask is flipped up – but trust me – you will adjust quickly. And it will be well worth it when you are cruising down the street, feeling the air on your face.

4. Even though the Vemar doesn’t have the two ring strap, it feels secure

TRUE – This was probably the only issue I had with this helmet. I am a fan of the conventional two ring strap. They feel very secure and make life a lot easier when attaching the helmet to your bike. But with that being said, the locking system that the Vemar has works perfectly. The two sides click right into place and it is technically much easier to take the helmet on and off with them. Plus, if God forbid anything were to happen – it allows paramedics a much easier option to remove the helmet if needed.

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