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VELCRO Brand Reusable Fastening Organizing Review

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The Brand VELCRO Cable Ties allow for an easy to slot through head making operation of the ties, both tightening and loosening, much easier than most other zip ties. Curiously, some customers have reported that some of the ties in the pack aren’t the advertised 8”, which is a shame. Check out our best cable ties list for more great options! See our best home theater systems for another product that you can use with these VELCRO-brand ties.

Why We Like It – VELCRO Brand Reusable Fastening Organizing

The VELCRO Brand Reusable Fastening Organizing is self-fastening which is fantastic for cord management for especially bulky cords. They come in a variety of colours, which you should never discount because of how that allows the ties to blend-in, and most ties come with a generous 8” length for bundled organizing.

  • Easy to slot through head
  • Used by data and network centers across the globe
  • Comes in 25 or 100 pack
  • Length not as advertised


The VELCRO Brand One Wrap Thin Ties are simple to use and self-fastening which make them ideal fasteners for organizing cords and cable management; especially when securing large and bulky cords. As pre cut ties, the VELCRO One Wrap will remain firmly in place with an easy to slot through head that can be taken apart and then reused if need be. It’s heavy-duty, and can easily bind anything outside, inside, in the garage, or in your shed. But if you want something truly heavy-duty, check out the Plastic Tensile Strength Outdoor Resistant.

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The VELCRO One Wrap comes in a variety of colours such as black, black grey, and black/red. This ensures the fasteners remain as low profile as possible by blending into whatever you’re fastening. The VELCRO One-Wrap are reusable strong and offer a secure hold to all your wire management needs. In fact, the fasteners are used by data and network centers across the world as their cable management system of choice. While these are also rated for outdoor use, check out the TR Industrial TR88302 Multi Purpose Cable for ones especially adept for outside.


The VELCRO Fastening Wires cost just about the same as other related products. But if you want something on a budget that you’ll only need for one-time use, consider the Attmu Reusable Fastening Microfiber 6 Inch. The VELCRO cable ties give you the choice of a 25-pack or a 100-pack which is convenient depending if you have a lot or a little clutter. They’re advertised at 8”x ½” but, sadly, that length isn’t entirely accurate, with some customers even reporting getting ties as small as 3”.

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VELCRO Brand Reusable Fastening Organizing Wrap Up

The VELCRO Brand Reusable Fastening Organizing Cable Ties are the cable ties of choice for data and network centers across the globe. And with how much wiring the centers use just for basic operations, this is quite an endorsement. Finally, you get your choice of a 25 or 100 pack, great for minimal or maximal storage tie needs.

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