Veho Pebble Smartskin Gives 500 Extra Hours Of iPad Standby

Often when climbing tall mountains I find it difficult to balance my iPad’s battery power between writing duties and conserving enough juice to act as a life-saving beacon in case I fall and break one or both of my legs.

No more will that worry me. Veho’s new Pebble Smartskin is an iPad case, and it’s not bad looking at all, with black on the front and silvery metal in the back, but that’s neither here nor there when you consider that it gives you an additional 500 hours of standby power for your iPad.

That translates into 50 additional hours of audio playback, or 7 extra hours of watching movies. It does it by using a battery made with alien technology that I suspect is hidden in the hind metal panel.
It will cost you $78, which is cheap given the alien technology and ungodly powers of extending your iPad’s life. You even get a neoprene sleeve to put over the protective skin case, and use it as a carry case that’s no-slip. Cos neoprene is no-slip, you know.


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  1. I have read that a screen protector sits atop the iPad screen and is held in place by the sliding closed of the case. Is this accurate and is the iPad touch screen functional in this configuration?

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