VCCUCINE Rectangle Counter Porcelain Bathroom Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The VCCUCINE Bathroom Vessel Vanity Sink has an above the counter installation and is larger than most sinks which makes it fantastic addition to the bathroom essentials for a household with a busy morning. For condo dwellers or those looking to furnish a smaller bathroom, though, it may be too big. For more great ideas on bathroom sinks check out our best bathroom sinks list!

Why We Like It – VCCUCINE Rectangle Counter Porcelain Bathroom

The VCCUCINE Rectangle Counter Porcelain Bathroom features a quiet operation for you and your partners comfort. It comes with a 1 ¾” pop-up drain stopper to reduce water pooling and it’s sleek, elegant design recalls old European farmhouse sink traditions. A complete and total blast from the past! As you design your bathroom, do not forget to also design other rooms in the house e.g., the bedroom. For starters, you can checkout the the patterned bedroom review to learn more.

  • Easy, above the counter installation
  • Very large
  • Choice of chrome or oil-rubbed bronze drain
  • Water can easily pool
  • May be too large for some smaller bathrooms
  • Doesn’t Come with an Overflow


The VCCUCINE Rectangle Bathroom Sink is quiet so it won’t disturb your significant other if you have to get up before they do. Like the KINGO HOME Counter Porcelain Bathroom, the VCCUCINE Rectangle Bathroom Sink features an above the counter installation method. But because of the high quality ceramic leakage, because of the lack of chipping, is virtually non-existent. However, due to the rectangular design, water can pool and collect much easier without a clean and proper drain, so be aware of that. So, the next time you want to dye your beard or mustache ( get a quality dye recommendation in the volt grooming instant beard color review), ensure that you control your water usage.


The VCCUCINE Counter Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink sports a sleek and elegant European-style design that draws comparisons to many farmhouse-style sinks. It’s much larger than most bathroom sinks. It measures 18.90″ long x 14.57″ wide 5.12″ deep. If you would like something a little smaller, check out the Tempered Vessel Bathroom Vanity Frosted. The VCCUCINE is constructed with high quality ceramic with a crystalline glaze to make it easy to maintain and clean as well as making it scratch-resistant.


The VCCUCINE Rectangle Bathroom Sink ships with a 1 ¾” Center Drain Pop-Up Stopper but unfortunately does not include the overflow. It does come with your choice or drain though, which amounts to a chrome or an oil-rubbed bronze choice. Not many bathroom sinks have this choice. It comes in one colour, white. Bad if you like choice, but good because white can go with almost anything in your bathroom decor. They only have used items on Amazon right now so if you’re a bargain hunter, check out the MR Direct U1611 W Undermount Porcelain.

VCCUCINE Rectangle Counter Porcelain Bathroom Wrap Up

The lack of an overflow is a little odd, but at least it does come with your choice of drain which is something not commonly seen in bathroom sinks. An attentive owner can make sure water doesn’t pool, so that can be easily fixed. And while it may be too large for condo-dwellers they should definitely keep it in mind if they decide to upgrade one day!

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