For many of us, pets are an important part our lives. They offer us companionship, love and protection. But it’s always been a problem when a pet owner has to go away and leave their animal alone. We hate the idea of our pets being alone and bored while we are off living our lives. Thankfully we are living in the age of smart homes and smart gadgets. Pet gadgets to be precise. The VAVA Mobile Pet Cam is a smart gadget that will take care of your pet while you are away.

Stimulate Your Pet From Anywhere

The VAVA Mobile Pet Cam aims to end pet boredom and seperation anxiety for good. It will allow you to check in on your pet anytime you want, from anywhere. This is the first pet camera on wheels with treads that moves on all surfaces. It lets you see, play, treat and talk to your pets, no matter where it is in the house.

The treaded wheels let it go anywhere, and it is also designed to be paw-proof with a long lasting battery, 1080p resolution and night vision so you can see your pets in the dark. VAVA worked closely with many pet owners to make sure that this smart pet cam has all of the features that pet parents want.

A single app controls everything from your mobile device, ensuring that your animal will never be truly alone again. It will play interactive games like laser chase, butterfly tease, or feather tease so that your cat or dog is always stimulated. You can even control which direction the laser points.

You won’t have to worry about Fido destroying it either since the VAVA Mobile Pet Cam is made with industrial grade materials for durability. It also boasts a low center of gravity that makes sure it remains upright during play.

VAVA Mobile Pet Cam Is A Smart Pet Nanny
Your pet will never be alone again.

Give Treats, Play and Much More

Your pet’s favorite feature is sure to be the fact that it dispenses treats. Whether you want to reward them for good behavior or just spoil them, you can give them as many treats as you want.

If you have steps, no worries, the VAVA Mobile Pet Cam has built-in sensors that prevent it from taking spills, while collision sensors help it avoid bumping into furniture or pets.

Pet owners will love being able to interact with their pets whenever they are away. It’s products like this that make home automation fun. Along with your home security and smart lighting you have to make sure that your pets are taken care of as well.