Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair Review

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Updated September 15, 2022

The Varier Variable Balans kneeling chair is one of the very few iterations of the modern kneeling chair that still sticks with the blueprint of the original kneeling chair that was designed by Peter Opsvik back in 1979. Many people would still argue that it’s actually the best ergonomic kneeling chair around, and they wouldn’t be wrong. The Varier Variable Balans chair is also quite different from what most of the modern kneeling chairs look like today, and for pretty good reason. Go ahead and get to the end of this review to discover what makes it stand out, and to also see whether or not this is something that you might actually be interested in. Speaking of standing out, see what makes the best office chair our top pick.

Why We Like It – Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair

The Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair is a classic pick whose design remains largely the same as what Peter Opsvik came up within 1979. The kneeling chair is available in up to 5 different colors, and is more than guaranteed to help you improve your posture.

  • Ranked #1 Best Kneeling Chair in 2019
  • Allows for back and forth rocking motion
  • Comes with free soft tape
  • Expensive


The one thing that makes switching from an office chair to a kneeling chair worthwhile is the effect that doing so will have on your posture. Most people go for an ergonomic office chair that has adjustable back or lumbar support so that they can ensure that their spine maintains its original shape and curvature when sitting down, but because of the way it’s set up, a kneeling chair makes it a lot easier to maintain an upright posture, hence keeping with the original shape of your back. The DRAGONN (by VIVO) Ergonomic Kneeling Chair also helps you do pretty much the same, but unlike the Balans chair, you won’t be able to rock in a back-and-forth motion when you start getting a little tired.

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Unlike the Sleekform Kneeling Chair, which comes with one uniform kneeling cushion, the Varier Variable kneeling chair features two separate knee pads that you’re meant to rest your knees on. The comfort entirely depends on what you prefer, so we can’t really offer an opinion on that. If you’d like a product to massage your back, you’ll want to read our VON racer massage gaming chair.


The one place where the Varier Balans Kneeling Chair loses a lot of points is in the fact that it is non-adjustable, like the Steelcase Gesture office chair, so you won’t be able to make any height adjustments. This is one of the areas in which people that might argue alternatives like Sleekform Kneeling Chair begin to seem a lot more viable. In this case, fans of the Balans kneeling chair might counter and say that the chair is designed to help your body find its natural balance, and in doing so, it discourages the negative effects of static sitting, while encouraging active sitting by activating your core muscles.

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As with any kneeling chair, your back will become completely exposed, so you shouldn’t expect much sweating to happen because your back will be exposed to more than enough airflow. But, compare kneeling chairs to office chairs and see which one will work better for you.


Headquartered in Oslo Norway, Varier is a company that focuses on the health and well-being of the user when manufacturing their furniture and office products. The one thing about their chairs is that they’re arguably expensive. In this case, for example, the Balans chair is priced from $300, while the Sleekform Kneeling Posture Chair goes for about $124 – a big difference. To try and validate this costly figure, the Varier Balans chair throws in a free soft tape that you can use to protect your floor from scratches, and on top of that, it also comes in up to 5 different colors that you can choose from. We found the Black Revive Fabric with a natural ash base to be quite good, but you’re free to explore the other four and see what you like.

Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair Wrap Up

The best kneeling chairs are often made of a steel frame to keep them nice and sturdy, but with the Balans chair relying on a wooden frame for structural support, some people might mistake it for not being very robust. This is far from the case, as the chair has a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds, making it perfect for the normal adult user.

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