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The Varidesk ProDesk60 brings to you one of the best standing desk experiences with the solid and simultaneously durable build. You get to choose from two different sizes which although is not the most wide number of options, happens to meet the needs of most people. It even offers a smooth height adjustment process thanks to it being a two stage desk and having some pretty great electronics. You get the added benefit of a memory controller without any added cost and paired with the durability and stability that will please most people, the Varidesk ProDesk 60 is definitely worth the price for many of you out there. Just make sure you don’t get a damaged product. We’ve also compiled a list of other great office products that you may be interested in.

Varidesk Prodesk 60

Why We Like It – Varidesk Prodesk 60

Offering everything ranging from ergonomics and stability, the Varidesk ProDesk is among one of the most capable standing desks out there. It offers a smooth and easy to use controller and pairs that with the great durability of components as well as a stylish look. And along with the astoundingly fast 10 to 20 minute set up process it stands out as one of the best adjustable standing desks out there.

  • Extremely fast and easy assembly process
  • Solid and pretty durable
  • Smooth and easy to control electronic system
  • Tends to be slightly unstable at higher heights
  • Placement of crossbar may cause uncomfort

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To address the elephant in the room or in other words the isolated problem that the Varidesk ProDesk presents, let’s look at why the desk tends to be a bit unstable at higher heights. The plastic connection in the cross support as well as the fact that the inner columns move separately to the outer columns of the legs, the Varidesk ProDesk will in fact shake a bit if forced to do so at a standing position. This can be either front to back or even left to right which may pose a problem for most people, but if you can get past that by having enough of a load within the 250 pound range, you can most certainly limit the instability.

Apart from that the Varidesk ProDesk comes with the standard crossbars attached to the desktop and even a stability bar that is placed similar to what most desks had in the past for stability. While most desks like the Seville Classics AIRLIFT have moved the crossbar to near the desktop and completely removed the stability bar, the Varidesk ProDesk still brings it to you. Now while this will help bring back most of the stability lost by the poor quality 3D printed glide that needs suspenders and belts in order to maintain a good amount of stability, the stability bar will cause some major uncomfort issues. The most seen of which is hitting your sheens against the bar every time you pull in the chair or move your feet, thus causing you pain that would otherwise have not existed at all.

Moving onto the control and motor system, the Varidesk ProDesk comes with a memory controller as like most other electric standing desks which allows you to store 3 pre-set heights unlike the 6 offered by the ApexDesk Elite. Other than that the memory controller also includes an LED display which shows you the height and the standard up and down buttons for manual control when fixing in a new height. As for preventing any form of an accident while adjusting the height of the Prodesk Electric Standing desk, the VARIDESK Pro Desk comes with an anti-collision detection system for it’s dual motors which paired with the heavy foot makes for an efficient collision prevention system. You can adjust the height of this desk Varidesk has produced to about 50.5 Inches at max and 25.5 Inches at the lowest. It travels at a speed of 1.28 Inches per second and along with the noise level of 55-56db the Varidesk ProDesk makes for a convenient height adjustment method.

Finally, when it comes to setting up the Varidesk ProDesk 60, while it won’t be assembled within 5 minutes as advertised, you can most certainly set it up within 10 or 20 minutes at the most which is still more than fast enough. Now while the setup process is easy with all the tools, you might still need a helping hand to get the desk up and placed where you want it to be placed, as it weighs a heavy 170lbs.


Coming in two different desktop sizes of either 30 x 48 Inches or 30 x 60 Inches, VariDesk doesn’t offer that many options. While the sizes may be good enough for most people, having a middle more balanced size within these two extremes would be a good thing to have, but unfortunately you don’t get that option. Aside from that, the Varidesk also comes with different colour choices for the desktop ranging from black, white, butcher block, darkwood or even reclaimed wood. Now while the last three are the names of different wood types, you still end up getting the same thermofoil laminate with different colours printed on it instead of different woods.

You also don’t get any form of cable management in terms of holes, but you do get the choice of getting cable trays as like for any other electric standing desks. And in terms of ergonomics, the Varidesk ProDesk60 comes with a standard rectangular desktop rather than the curved out front like the ApexDesk Elite.


Priced at about $650 and coming with free shipping on their official page, the Varidesk ProDesk 60 is among one of the more premium adjustable standing desks out there. So, if you can look past the slight instability at standing height, no curved out front edge or a keyboard tray like the Stand Up Desk Store Crank Adjustable Desk, the Varidesk ProDesk 60 is most definitely worth the price considering it’s durability and control system. But, if you’re someone who prefers something more affordable, the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 Desk as well as the Seville Classics AIRLIFT are most certainly worth checking out.

Varidesk Prodesk 60 Wrap Up

Coming with a premium price tag, the Varidesk ProDesk lives up to its price with an easy to use memory control system, an effective and efficient anti-collision feature and also the added durability of the desktop and the frame itself. While the stability may be affected a bit at the highest height, the Varidesk ProDesk 60 still manages to retain its place as one of the best standing desks out there that also offers you the potential of 3 pre-set heights. So if you’re willing to spend as much on a standing desk, the Varidesk ProDesk 60 is one, you should probably consider.

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