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Standing desks are good for your health and help you keep your circulation healthy. That’s why it’s a good idea to read 10 of the best standing desk to make your office a better place.

The best adjustable height desk will make you feel better and maybe help with some of your pain.

Varidesk specializes in standing desks that allow you to convert a normal desk into a standing desk at will by raising up a sturdy platform. The Pro Plus 36 is designed for particularly demanding workspaces – here’s what reviewers thought! To get in depth reviews about or standing desks, read more here.

The Breakroom Blog

Breakroom appreciated that the Pro Plus 36 was ready to be used right out of the box with no setup required – you just put it on a desk and it’s ready to rise as needed. However, they were less impressed with the construction. Apparently, the Pro Plus 36 doesn’t use thick or durable metal, and some of the edges can damage your hands. Additionally, it makes a lot of noise and squeaking when you adjust it…not things you want to hear about a professional standing desk converter model.

“The Pro Plus 36 is made in China, but it is not on the higher-end of Chinese made products, like the Ergotron WorkFit-T or iMovR ZipLift. The metal is not thick and robust. The fiberboard used for both platforms is low quality and some of the edges on the underside of the platforms are a bit sharp and can scrape the top of your hands.

The adjustment process is assisted with springs and held into place with a primitive locking system. Pressing the handles will remove the locking pin from one of the holes on the locking bracket and releasing them will slide the pin back in place and lock the unit. The handles feel a bit clunky and make a loud clicking sound when they are pressed. The springs squeak quite often when making adjustments and there is a loud snapping sound when the locks engage after adjusting the unit.”

Varidesk Pro Plus 36
Yes, this Varidesk can hold two monitors, if they aren’t too heavy.

Work While Walking

WWW praised the new model in comparison to the Varidesk Pro model that came before, note that it has better ergonomics for users who want a comfortable but healthy position. However, they noted that settings options were a little limited. There are 11 heights to adjust the desk to, but if your particular height requirements fall between two heights, then you may be in for an uncomfortable time. Additionally, the monitor mount is sold separately and costs $125 if you need to mount a monitor rather than rest it on the monitor platform.

“The Varidesk Pro Plus standing desk converter reproduces the original Varidesk’s spacious work surface and excellent stability, but improves upon its ergonomics with the addition of a secondary keyboard tray, which widens the height difference between monitor and keyboard, for better neck and wrist ergonomics.”

Amazon users

Amazon users were impressed with the easy setup of the Pro Plus 36, and liked that it was an easy step into the standing desk world. However, they did discuss a few considerations worth noting if you are planning on one of these models. First, some taller people noted that the desk didn’t quite reach high enough for them, while others said it was fine, which probably means the height of the original desk is an important consideration. Second, others noted that with a full load on the desk, it can become heavy and difficult to adjust safely.

“We ordered this desk and it came a day earlier than anticipated. Setting it up was cake. There’s no assembly. I got everything setup in 15 mins, and it was back to work. I love the desk. I’m 5’10” (1.78 meters), and this desk is the ideal height for me at it’s highest setting, so I can understand why taller people have given the desk negative reviews. My review may not have been as good if I was a couple inches taller myself. “

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