Vaping is highly popular, both among tobacco fans and… well, we all know what the technology is popular for when it comes to smokeable material. You’ve been frequenting the best online vape stores, but you end up with products that are bulky. It’s not like you can just truck in your vaping tools in many places, so if you want to vape in places that maybe frown on it, you’ll have to be a little sneaky. And that’s where Vaprwear comes in. You can also use Stealthvape to vape discreetly.

Getting The Vapors

If you’re not familiar with vaping, a quick overview: Essentially, it heats your smokeable material enough that the stuff you want in your lungs turns into a gas. It doesn’t catch on fire, so in theory, you’re not inhaling all the tar and other garbage that gets in your lungs from smoking things. And if you are looking for the best vapes, read our review of how SoloPipe is a smoker’s delight.

Vaprwear simply puts the necessary apparatus into a windbreaker. You walk into, say, a sporting event, and discreetly pull out the vaping tube. Once you’ve got your smokeable heated up, inhale the vapor and enjoy yourself.


vaprwear 1

Now, far be it from us to tell you to take this anywhere. Whenever you’re attending an event or another location, check the rules and be polite. Don’t immediately assume that you can fire up in front of anybody, and remember that it might get you in trouble or even thrown out of any location. But if you’re just looking for a little discretion in your smoking, or if you want to bring your vaporizer with you in a more convenient way, this will be a good way to get that and keep it quiet.

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