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The Vanspace executive office chair is a prime example of superior workmanship that has been employed to bring forth a quality product, and one that won’t force you to dig too deep into your pocket to get results from. The office chair is made out of bonded leather, which makes it waterproof and very easy to clean. It’s heavy duty nylon base and 300 pound weight capacity make it an office chair that’s very capable of dealing with heavy users, and its wide seating area ensures maximum comfort especially for those who tend to sit down for long durations of work. If you’re interested in purchasing the best executive leather office chair on a budget, then the Vanspace Executive Office chair should be on your radar, and if you’ll read on, you’ll find out why.

Why We Like It – VANSPACE Executive Office Chair High Back EC01, Leather Executive Chair

The Vanspace Executive Office Chair High Back EC01, Leather Executive Chair fulfills most of the requirements that most people have of an office chair, and does so at a very affordable price point. The chair is ergonomic, has a solid base and is very easy to assemble.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Supports a 300 pound weight capacity
  • High quality PU leather material
  • No massage function


The thick padded headrest and the double padded non-slip comfort pad on the seat cushion of this Vanspace executive office chair allows for all round back support, and is great to have on your office chair especially if you tend to sit down for most of the day. The high back office chair also features thick padding that supports the lower section of your back, and this is great because it helps keep your posture in check. The chair is able to support a maximum weight capacity of about 300 pounds, making it slightly better than the AmazonBasics High Back Office Chair that rounds off a 275 pounds.


There’s tons of comfort to go around with the Vanspace executive office chair, and this is primarily because of the heavy padding that the chair comes in. The armrests and headrests are well padded, and the high end cushion material feels very comfortable to sit on. We’d argue that the Vanspace chair is slightly more comfortable than the OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style SofThread Leather High Back Office Chair, with the only thing the two apart is the diamond stitching. Otherwise, both chairs have padded armrests, and are of roughly the same size.


Adjustability is an aspect that most if not all office chairs have to properly address. Just like the Serta Bonded Leather Big & Tall Executive Chair, the Vanspace Executive office chair can be well adjusted to fit any user preferences. It’s seat height can be adjusted between 18.5 and 22.5 inches, and its backrest can recline between 103 and 123 degrees.


The breathable holes at the back and seat of this Vanspace executive office chair is something that we haven’t seen with a lot of leather chairs, and this is something that gives it a great edge over a lot of other manufacturers.


If you hop over to the Vanspace Amazon page right now, you’ll notice that the executive office chair has been well received by customers, and one of the most frequent things that you’ll hear about it is that it’s easy to build and feels very sturdy. The chair also has a lot of padding material, and has small holes on the leather to make it breathable.

VANSPACE Executive Office Chair High Back EC01, Leather Executive Chair Wrap Up

This Vanspace executive office chair is one of the best executive office chairs you can get within its price category. Go ahead and check out what customers who bought it off of Amazon had to say under the customer reviews section.

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