Get Personal With The Vanity LED iPhone 5 Case

Despite all the new talk about the iPhone 6 and its larger 6 Plus brother, those with the iPhone 5 might not be upgrading to the new iPhone and will still need a case to protect their precious smartphone. This is where the Vanity LED iPhone 5 case comes into play!

Displays Vanity Messages

vanity led iPhone 5 case

We all like to be unique and this iPhone 5 case allows you to do just that! In an age of selfie’s, the case lets you personalize your phone by allowing you to create whatever personal message you’d like on the case itself. You can choose any personal statement of up to 30 characters (which includes the use of emoticons). You can display your full name, nickname, your favorite song lyric, your girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s name, your child’s name, your pet’s name or just tell the whole world to screw themselves…it’s totally up to you!

Easy To Use

So you don’t have to be this technology genius to set it all up either! The case doesn’t require any software or apps and your personal message is simply entered from the case itself. You’re five-year-old kid can eve do it themselves! The message you type in just scrolls continuously across its 2″ -wide display in 1/2″ H typo so your message is big enough to be seen by others.

Pre-Programmed Messages

For times when you have writer’s block or have nothing witty or wonderful to say, you can simply use one of its seven pre-programmed phrases, which includes things like “You Rock,” “Dream Big,” and, of course, “I Love You.” You can even choose to switch the message option off when you don’t want to say anything at al.

Will Still Protect Your Phone

vanity led iPhone 5 case

Besides displaying one-of-kind messages to the world, the silicone case will also   protect your iPhone 5 from bumps and scratches, as it was originally intended to do. All ports are accessible and the case provides a soft, sure grip that doesn’t add any annoying bulk. To power the LED screen, it needs two CR2016 batteries, which are included. Colors available include black, pink and purple. Get it for only $29.95!

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