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VanD Flashing iPhone 5c Case Makes Your iPhone Holiday-Appropriate


Some of us are something of a humbug about the holidays, mostly because stores won’t stop playing “Sleigh Ride” as an instrumental everywhere you go and OH GOD MAKE IT STOP JUST MAKE IT STOP. And some of us want everything we own to reflect the season. Which is why the VanD Flashing iPhone Case is available.

Christmas Lights For Your Pants

The case itself has a fairly simple function; it lights up when you receive an alert. A nice touch, though, is that otherwise, it’s just another clear plastic case for your phone, allowing you to be discreet when you want to be and garish when you don’t. It even shuts off with the flick of a switch, next to the lens.

Designed Designs

It’s clever in other ways as well. The case comes with multiple designs, which are threaded into the plastic instead of embossed on the front of the phone. This means that not only will the designs not wear off the phone, unlike some novelty cases (and let’s face it, this is kind of a novelty case, even if the LED function is useful), but also that they won’t light up until the LED is triggered. So if you wanted to keep your design quiet until the right moment, that’s possible with this case, although it will be visible under light, so if you were planning on swapping cases on somebody, you might want to do it quickly.

There’s a Christmas Light


True, items like this are largely more for the goofy factor than anything else, although the case of your phone lighting up can be a useful item, especially if you feel it vibrate and are looking for it as it hides in a bookbag or purse. If that’s you, or you just really love Christmas, you can find this online for $20.

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