Valentine One Radar Detector Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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When shopping for the Best Cordless Radar Detector, the Valentine One radar detector should be on your list of potential options since it provides great usability from performance to design. This laser radar detector finds a variety of signals that range from radar guns, safety hazard vehicles, and traffic cameras. Investing in the best radar detector may help you combat speeding tickets and lessen encounters with police.

Why We Like It – Valentine One Detector Review

The Valentine One radar detector brings a unique design to the detector scene. The directional indicators are able to pinpoint where you are encountering radar from, so you can be best prepared for what’s to come, whether it be a police radar gun or a traffic camera.

  • Speed Muting allows you to prioritize a certain speed and mute others for more precision
  • Directional Indicator provides a visual compass for any nearby radar
  • Some customers claimed the detector was too sensitive and detected many false alerts


This device can read the information on the x band, k band, and ka band. Within these bands, you will receive detection from any radar gun, or police nearby. Sometimes it does a little more and picks up signals from automatic doors, but overall it will improve your driving experience by staying in the know. When it does pick up that signal, there is a neat directional indicator that can tell you exactly where that signal is coming from. This was the number one product on our list, but if you would like to see who came in as the runner up you may want to check out the Uniden R3 extreme long range radar laser.


This detector can handle both the long and short range encounters with radar. There is a special POP feature that is perfect for picking up instant radar from the police. On the other bands you will pick up certain signals that may be a bit far away, but it will only help you prepare for what’s bound to come. If you would like to see what some of the competition is offering, you may want to check out the Uniden dfr8.


This device has a suction cup design from which you attach to your windshield. While some may have trouble keeping the suction cups intact with the windshield, users claimed that it has a sturdy design and did not budge once attached to the windshield. It is made from a plastic design so it will take some accidental dings here and there. Another detector with a plastic design is discussed in the Uniden r3 review.

Ease of Use

The detector has a simple design that is easy to learn. After plugging the power cord in the car’s electrical port, the key features available are a control knob where you can control the count/mode. There is also a button on top which can mute the device from alerting you. There are also the directional indicators that will tell you where the radar is coming from which is definitely a favorite feature for many customers. You might want to go through the Whistler cr65 review, because it discusses a device with 360 degree protection and tone alerts.


Some customers claim that this was one of the best radars because it made it feel like a fun game of finding the radar device triggering the detector with the directional indicator notification. Customers can reap the benefits of staying in the know with laser radar technology and save themselves from speeding along the road while unknowingly being checked by police. Aside from police, if any emergency vehicles are incoming your way you can also best prepare yourself for a traffic jam. If you have not been sold on the V1 Radar detectors at this point, it may be time to look at other products like the Escort Solo S4 radar detector.

Valentine One Radar Detector Wrap Up

The Valentine One radar detector is a great tool to use out on the road because it will provide precision as well as range. Speed cameras will not stand a chance at catching you slipping anymore because you will be in the know. While the device may have a sensitivity that may trigger some false alarms, there is no doubt that this detector will also alert you about any oncoming authorities on the road.

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