VAIO Z Canvas Hybrid PC Aimed at Artists…But Will Any Buy It?

VAIO now has a new Western focus and is eager to prove it with the release of the VAIO Z Canvas, a hybrid aimed at the U.S. market.

This 12.3-inch laptop comes with a slim, detachable screen and a stylus – it’s far from the first. However, the specs are very up to date with a Pro Graphics GPU, options up to 16GB of RAM, and SSD options up to 1TB of data storage. Not slacking off there – and the Windows 10 Pro OS makes this hybrid a bit sweeter.

Still you could find these specs on a lot of new hybrids. What VAIO is betting on is the artistic functionality of the Z Canvas: As the name hints, it’s designed foremost for artists and graphic designers. First, that screen supports a “wide color gamut” for getting just the right view of your work, the tablet comes with a kickstand to support it at multiple angles, and the keyboard works in wireless mode for various positions. Also, that stylus that comes with the computer has a reported 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity to set, allowing you to find your perfect sketching range.

Vaio Z Canvas
Vaio Z Canvas, a touchscreen desktop computer

Can the artist features help the VAIO stand out from competitors? The line up is truly intense this year, with the new iPad Pro, the updated Surface line, the new Surface Book (which also comes with a stylus), and of course the presence of shiny, high-res MacBooks, traditionally a favorite for the artist types. VAIO seems to be betting that there’s enough design professionals using Windows 10 to have a market (well, the company also got to team up with Microsoft for some easy distribution).

If the price was low, the Z Canvas could have crashed the Book/MacBook/Pro party. But apparently pricing will start at $2,199, which seems ridiculously high and far beyond what the big-brand competitors are offering. Who’s left to buy it? Do you think this PC holds any appeal?

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