With The Force Awakens coming up this month, it’s no surprise that Star Wars merchandise and Christmas have combined for the rampant spread of all things related to the galaxy far, far away. But if you really want to impress the Star Wars fan in your life with unique gift ideas, check out the lightsabers at Vader’s Vault, because these things are on a whole other level.

Vader’s Vault isn’t the only company that specializes in making Star Wars gifts and replicas for either side of the Force, but a few things set them apart. First, they go into a great amount of detail in both sabers and blades to make them as “authentic” as possible, including materials, light, sound, and feel. Second, their prices manage to avoid the astronomical heights that some replica lightsabers reach, probably because they manage to avoid official movie licensing (sorry if that’s a dealbreaker for you hardcore fans, but it does allow for a lot more imagination in the saber department). If you still don’t have enough star wars, you should also look at this Star Wars family tree.

The Vault also specializes in lightsabers that are “stunt” quality which means you can bash them around a little, which is far more fun than glass versions. You can also buy sabers and blades separately for various experimentations or replacements. And for your iPhone friends, read our review on the 8 must have holiday gifts for iPhone 5s owners.

Vader's Vault example
Choose from a wide variety of unique saber designs.

Vault sabers come in three different types – Combat, Champion, and Master. Combat sabers are the stunt options ideal for more rough-and-tumble or fan video work. Champion class sabers are built with more customization in mind so you can get exactly the saber that you are looking for, but at a higher class. Master sabers are specific projects the Vault is working, usually rare prototypes or interesting experiments that you can’t find anywhere else (until Disney copies them for the big screen, at least).

If all this has your Force sense tingling or you’re looking for great gifts for geeks in your life, then hop on over to Vader’s Vault and check out their current selections. Prices waver between $350 and $400 for most products, so obviously this is a serious gift investment.

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