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For those looking at broken central vacuum systems, you’ll obviously want the best central vacuum to replace it—and it may be VacuMaid P125 Vacuum power units. Spread across a 9000-square foot home, the VacuMaid central vacuum unit can pull 116CFM, with the added benefit of having a one-button debris release.

Why We Like It – VacuMaid P125 Vacuum

Built with an Ametek Lamb motor, the VacuMaid P125 Vacuum can create a steady air flow of 116CFM, which is plenty for operating around a 9000-square foot home.

  • 116 airflow CFM
  • Sturdy components used in construction
  • One-button debris release
  • Doesn’t come with a hose
  • Uses vacuum bags


With 525 max air watts, 125” water lift, and 13.5 amps, Vacu Maid P125 central vacuums are pulling some great power. This all comes from its two-starge 7.2” premier Ametek Lamb motor. As central vacuum motors go, it runs a little loud, around 76db, so keep that in mind.

Speed & Efficiency

The VacuMaid P125 Vacuum handles a 9000-square foot relatively well. Its CFM rises up to 116, with a cyclonic filtration. The Allegro MU4500 Champion has slightly more, but not by much. It does lack vacuum hoses, however, but an old vacuum hose can act as replacement parts (even if they aren’t VacuMaid parts). Even the cheaper Hoover Vacuum Cleaner has a hose.

Bin Capacity & Maintenance

Maintenance is kept quite low, considering the central vacuum has 6.75 gallons of debris capacity. It uses bags filters, unfortunately, but on the bright side: there’s a one-button debris release. The benefit of bags is that debris doesn’t clog the inside of the machine and result in replacement central vacuum parts.


The VacuMaid P125 Vacuum makes its mark on durability by incorporating both aluminum alloy and galvanized steel to create a sturdy, yet still lightweight kits electric tools accessories, and so on. It’s a solid boost in longevity that you’ll greatly appreciate.


Considering how few missteps the VacuMaid P125 Vacuum makes, there’s no reason we wouldn’t recommend it as an option, provided you have a home no bigger than 9000-square feet. However, it should be noted that it uses bags, whereas the Prolux Vacuum doesn’t and it matches performance almost word for word.

VacuMaid P125 Vacuum Wrap Up

If you can look past using bags, and a somewhat loud motor, the VacuMaid P125 Vacuum is going to be your new best friend when it comes to floor care. Having 116CFM is nothing short of great, and its sturdy construction means it’ll last many years to come. And with a one-button release, clean-up is a cinch.

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