If you’re looking for a unique and fun vacation spot, why not try Luke Skywalker’s Childhood Tatooine home, aka the Hotel Sidi Driss. While it may not really be located on Tatooine, it is a real hotel you can actually visit and stay at in Matmata, Tunisia. It’s actually the location that was used to film the famous scene in both Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and Episode II: Attack of the Clones. You’ll be able to walk the sands that fictional Luke Skywalker walked and take lots of pics that will make all your Star Wars friends back home very jealous.

But if you’re looking for a luxurious hotel filled with all these cool amenities, you’re out of luck since it lacks modern luxury amenities. But for all Star Wars nerds, we’re sure you can overlook this and enjoy its nostalgia value. Oh, that and it’s pretty price of just $10 a night and that includes breakfast! The hotel is open all year round and offers affordable accommodation, being able to accommodate the maximum of 145 guests in 20 rooms, grouped in four separate caverns. The fifth pit is a hotel restaurant.

Hotel Sidi Driss


Hotel Sidi Driss 2

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