V-Moda VAMP: an iPhone Case Amplifier and Battery in One

High end headphones, while costly, are a dime a dozen, at least in terms of the availability.  But there isn’t much of a point in investing in a pair of high end headcans if you’re only gonna plug them into your iPhone, which is hardly the holy grail of music fidelity.  Well friends, there is now an answer and it comes in the form of something called the VAMP.

No, the VAMP has nothing to do with “True Blood”, though the latest season of the vampire show did just air a few nights ago.  The VAMP is a portable AMP/DAC that piggy backs, literally, on to your iPhone’s back using a shock absorbing silicone case.  It simultaneously extracts the audio from your iPhone and bi-passes the handsets internal audio processing unit to produce what is purportedly top rated sound.  To further back that is a 150mW x 2 amp, which is five times more powerful than the iPhone’s, ensuring that the audio is bright, crisp and clear at any volume.  For those seeking a bit more oomph to their tunes, there is even an a hi/lo gain switch adjusts the output level and a rotary knob for adjusting the volume.  But that’s not all that this DAC has to offer.  There is also a 2200mAh battery that can be used to power either the iPhone or the VAMP, and an optical Toslink jack for connecting it to a home audio receiver.

Of course, the caveats of the VAMP is added bulk to the tune of 135g (not surprising since it’s finished in solid metal) and a price tag of $650.

Additional Specs:

  • Signal to Noise Ratio: > 95dB
  • Headphone Resistance Compatibility: > 16 Ohms
  • Weight: 135

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