V-Moda Crossfade LP2 Limited Edition Over-Ear Headphones Review

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Updated July 5, 2022
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CrossFade LP2

Mobile music listening has always presented a sort of conundrum for me. I love music and have a penchant for a wide variety from many cultures! But I don’t like wearing massive over-ear headphones when I’m on the go, like the Sony MDR 1R premium headphones. They often look silly and close me off from the outside world too effectively. Yet no matter how I listen to my extensive library of audio tracks, I demand it be in high quality with full rich sound–something often offered up by the larger more expensive set of cans. See my dilemma?

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As I kick and pout, audio gurus V-Moda soothes my savage anxiety with their powerful Crossfade LP2 Limited Edition Over-Ear  Noise-Isolation headphones. This ebony set of immensely attractive cans is relatively lightweight and flexible for a full-size over-ear headphone set. They bend and fit my head well. So I don’t look like a reject from a Halo machinima. This alone helps endear them into my audible good graces.

“The rub?”, you ask? Hundreds of dollars are the only thing barring you from your canorous mobile groove sessions. So, what other features make it one of the best over-ear headphones? Let’s find out…

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Again, these are some truly handsome cans. You can get the Lp2 line in a number of different colors. We received their Matte Black Metal versions. They are immediately striking–and quite similar to their black “Shadow” edition in their on-ear line of M-80 headphones. The over-ear LP2 sports pitch black coloring throughout, for a haughty and distinguished feel. Included are a pair of smoky chrome speaker shields which can replace the default shields already on the package.

The set is packaged with a snazzy matching carrying case for the headphones and the two different Speakeasy mic cables.  So when you want the Lp2 set with you but you aren’t readily using it, the case makes transport a no-brainer. The case fits in any backpack or carrying bag with ease. There is even a retention clip. So you can snap it onto smaller carrying bags, belt clips, or purse strings for continued hassle-free transport. A transport accessory is surely nothing new. But one that is really REALLY useful, is a bit of a rarity. This one packs it all in.

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Once unpacked, setup is a simple affair. Plug the straight end of either provided cable in the 3.5mm port on the left earphone and the other end into your music device of choice. One of the cables is equipped with Mic+ call controls. So on iPhone and other compatible Smartphones, you can tap a few buttons to take command of answering and ending calls, call waiting, and more. Audio playback, mute, and skipping forward and back through tracks are also at your fingertips.

For less control, or to foster less accidental button fumbling, the second cable comes in handy. It sports a single mute button instead of the multifaceted trio of sorts on the Mic+ compatible version. Options are wonderful. But do we really need two cords? Can we bring down that $200 price tag if one cord or the other were “cut” from the package? Food for thought!

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If so, then the performance alone washes this gourmet-priced meal down quite nicely. I was floored! The first thing you notice upon donning these beauties; is much of the ambient noise in my office–on a windy day with windows open–was significantly reduced. Then I fired up some Césaria Évora. Yup, the “Barefoot Diva” herself. The album Cafe Atlantico is a great test for the variation in string and horned instruments. I pitted the Lp2 set against the rock, rap, reggae, jazz, Indipop, classic Chinese zither-based tunes, African drum, Steel drum, and more. These things thump and the fidelity is noticeably more refined than Able Planet PS400s!

But not only is the bass full and voluminous… I have zero complaints about the audio performance. It feels like the sound is everywhere–not just banging into the sides of your head. This is helped by the noise isolation, which in turn allows for every instrument to be heard with a great degree of clarity. The results sound fantastic. Even on a long bike ride through the busy city–the Crossfade Lp2 set are tested performers.

Drowning out city hustle and bustle is great as well. You don’t have to crank the volume. Yet when you do get to full tilt, there is no loss in clarity or added distortion. I do suggest dialing the equalizer on any device to “Flat” and adjusting from there when testing the Lp2 set. But in the end, these DJ-worthy cans are also capable on the ago and against high ambient noise. They even surpass the exalted Able Planet PS400B headphones, albeit for about twice the cost. So shop wisely.

If you can turn a blind eye, or fat billfold, to that sticker price, then you are in for some great music enjoyment. They sound better than they look and they look really tough! Pack it all up in that handy carrying case and you are good to go.

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[Rating: 4.5/5]


The Bottom Line: V-Moda is obviously targeting a discerning customer of particular taste–the one who demands performance and style with disposable money to back it up.


  • Surprising and satiating audio quality
  • Stylish, lightweight, and comfortable design
  • Great carrying case
  • Mic+ Call/audio playback compatibility


  • Expensive

You can buy the V-Moda Crossfade LP2 Limited Edition Over-Ear  Noise-Isolation Headphones at Amazon for $199.99

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