AT&T Uverse vs DirecTV

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Updated January 7, 2023

Learn Which Best Satellite TV Is Right For You? Then check out our comparison below. Monthly cable packages are no joke. They cost a fortune these days. The good news is that we have more alternatives today than ever before. Which is why you may be looking at AT&T Uverse vs DirecTV and wondering what the difference is. Both DirecTV and U-verse TV are AT&T services, so it may be confusing. You may wonder how they could be different since they are both are AT&T. I will help you sort it out. You may want to start with our DirecTV review. If you’re still not sold on your TV service, take a look at our Cox vs DirecTV review too.

AT&T Uverse vs DirecTV
What are the differences between these two services?

There are some key differences between DIRECTV and U-verse TV though and I can tell you all about them so you can decide which is right for you. Uverse vs DirecTV both offer plenty of pop culture TV shows, movies and sports.  You might also want to read AT&T vs. Verizon Edge.

AT&T Uverse vs DirecTV Compared


DirecTV is satellite TV that is available in all 50 states so they have wide coverage. TheTV packages are as low as $35 a month. with channels that range from 155-330+. They require a two-year contract and you can record up to five shows at a time.

AT&T Uverse

Uverse is Internet-protocol TV with packages that start at $35 a month. It is available in 21 states with channels that range from 190-565+. This includes channels like Fox News and many more. It requires a one-year commitment and allows you to record up to four shows at once

Special Features


NFL Sunday Ticket is a DirecTV exclusive sports package where you can watch live out of market NFL. This is not currently available with AT&T U-verse.

Three months of premium channels like HBO Showtime, Cinemax, and STARZ are included with the Ultimate package or below.

International packages are also available. Many more than on Uverse. Programming is available in not only English language, but also Cantonese, Filipino, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and many more. We have also compared DirecTV vs Dish network in detail. Have a look.

U-verse TV

You get both HBO and Cinemax included for three months with packages that don’t include them.

The service also offers EPIX for one month at no extra cost.

TV And Internet Bundles


DirecTV Select + High-Speed Internet
Channels: 155+
Internet speeds: up to 60 Mbps
Data cap: 1 TB/mo.
Starting price: $104.99/mo.

U-verse TV

Ufamily + AT&T Internet
Channels: 190+
Internet speeds: up to 100 Mbps
Data cap: unlimited with select bundles
Starting price: $75/mo.

Which Do You Choose?

So those are the basics when it comes to these two services. Now you have a better idea about what to expect if you are shopping around for something different. Both AT&T Uverse vs DirecTV have their pros and cons. In fact, customers seem pretty satisfied with both, so the choice is yours to determine which is better for your lifestyle. Also, you may want to check out some of the top universal remotes to make your life easier while switching between different components if your setup is extensive.

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