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As number 3 in the best automatic pot stirrer buying guide, the uutensil stirr is one of those automatic pot stirrers that is a handheld device that uses AA batteries to operate. It can be adjusted through its spinning speed, and the user can aid the stirrer to better mix the ingredients rather than let it mix them by itself.

Why We Like It – Uutensil Saucepan Stirrer Battery

The Uutensil Saucepan Stirrer Battery can be used for stirring sauces, soups, porridge, gravy, and more. It also has nice features that include allowing the legs to be removed so they can be washed, being heat resistant enough for those thicker meals and sauces, and is also cordless to avoid any need to detangle the cable.

  • 3 Stirring speeds
  • Great price
  • Removable legs are dishwasher safe
  • Requires 4 AA batteries
  • Not strong enough


It’s cordless, handheld, and easy to clean, which would usually make it the ideal kitchen appliance. However, unlike the saki automatic auto stirrer, it isn’t rechargeable since it requires aa batteries- 4 AA batteries to be exact. It’s also not as powerful as some people would expect, as while it can be used for meals such as porridge, not all porridges have the same viscosity and ingredients. Some customer reviews have expressed that this stirrer can slow down or stop when confronted with thick enough stews and sauces.


Due to being a handheld device, which gives the user much more control in how to stir the ingredients and at what speed, it can also be used as an automatic pan stirrer. In addition to that, the legs can be removed so that they can be properly washed either by hand, or through the dishwasher. Like the Ardente Gourmet Stirrer, the design is simple to the point of being easy to set up and use.


While it’s a cheaper automatic stirrer that’s powerful enough to get the job done, it’s not budget-friendly for users who make a lot of stews and gravies due to the constant need to replace the batteries. While automatic stirrers such as the StirMATE Smart Pot Stirrer are more expensive, they are rechargeable and also ensure that they can be used for the same thicker recipes that people have trouble using the Uutensil stirrer for.

Uutensil Saucepan Stirrer Battery Wrap Up

While it’s not the best of the best automatic pot stirrers, it’s sufficient enough to be featured in Amazon’s best automatic stirrer for cooking list. Customer reviews have noted that while it definitely can be used for thicker recipes, there are limitations that may not meet your expectations. However, if you want to buy this stirrer, make sure to buy enough batteries to suit how often you plan on using it.

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