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If you’re no stranger to MMOs, you understand fully that macros are a part of that genre. Creating dozens of macros, however, can be a nightmare on the fingers. Why do that when you can assign them to your mouse? With 12 side buttons—yes, twelve side buttons—you can program said buttons to carry out specialized macros, making it the best gaming mouse for MMOs.

Why We Like It – UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse Review

With 12 programmable side buttons—in addition two left/right mouse buttons, and a mouse wheel—you’ll be in macro heaven in any MMO you lay your clicker on.

  • 12 side buttons
  • Can tune the balance and weight
  • Ideal choice as an MMO gaming mouse
  • Sharp learning curve
  • Lack of brand awareness


For $33 we were not at all disappointed by the UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse. Its high precision laser sensor is really precise, which couples nicely with the 1000Hz polling rate and DPI settings up to 16,400, slightly higher than the Razer Lancehead. Whether it was a palm grip or claw, the curves of the mouse buttons helped keep fingers in place rather than slipping.

Double clicking the left click or right click was especially responsive, a key factor that gaming mice worth their salt should have. We really liked that the scroll wheel wasn’t too loose or too hard. The mouse features internal weights, which can be lessened, to improve better control over the mouse.


Now onto the main event, and the most interesting part of the Venus MMO Gaming Mouse: the 12 programmable buttons on the left side. Yes, you read that right—just like the Razer Naga! This wired mouse comes with 12 numbered buttons, making it ideal as an MMO mouse, which can be macroed using its mouse software. They’re slightly smaller than your average thumb buttons seen on, say, a Logitech G203. However, there is a slightly sharp learning curve. You’ll have to get used to them being there and train your thumb to grip underneath or above the numbers when not in use.


Considering the performance and overall good built quality of the UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse, we gladly give it our mark of great value—more so than the PICTEK Gaming Mouse. It’s a direct competitor to the Razer Naga, which costs twice as much. The issue here is that UtechSmart is a nobody compared to Razer; Razer benefits from brand recognition. If you’re someone who desperately wants the Naga, but lacks the funds, this is an awesome alternative. And you can use the money you save for a high-quality mouse pad.

UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse Review Wrap Up

The UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse is a fine choice for those missing out on the Razer Naga. Its 12 additional side buttons are to die for when playing an MMO like World of Warcraft. Its balance and weight can be tuned with internal weights for your preferred control, which helps ease you into the sharp learning curve. You probably haven’t heard of UtechSmart, but we hope you do now.

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