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USCCE Alarm Clock Brightness Sounds Review

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From our Best Alarm Clock list, the USCCE alarm clock is the perfect bedside desk companion to wake you up in time for the day. You have a variety of alarm sounds to choose from. There is an FM radio option, so after you wake up you can tune into your favorite stations. The bright LED display is essentially the majority of the device. In addition, the footprint shape of this clock gives it one of the most interesting shapes in popular alarm clocks on the market. So, if you were looking for something a little bigger please consider the LBell LB01 Sunrise Alarm Clock.

Why We Like It – USCCE Alarm Clock Brightness Sounds Review

Similar to the Travelwey Home Digital Alarm Clock, this alarm clock has a compact design and it is a great addition to your home. The USCCE small LED digital alarm clock has a bright white light that you can see anywhere around your bedroom. The USB charge port is also a great touch because it doubles as a device charger.

  • USB charging
  • Big Snooze Button
  • Simple design


The full range brightness dimmer on the USCCE alarm clock gives you adjustability. You can set it as bright as you need it. The alarm clock has an easy snooze button as the top button. This clock has a dual alarm system so you can set up a couple of alarms. If you would prefer more alarms make sure to check out the American Lifetime Premium Day Clock which has 5 different alarm settings.


One of the best attributes on this device is the large LED clock display. The clock has a variety of settings to personalize it to your needs. You have some sound options when it comes to choosing your alarm tone. This digital clock is the perfect night light for kids or adults because the light won’t disturb their sleep. If you enjoy these simply designed clocks, please also check out the Travelway Home LED Digital Alarm Clock.


Right now you can take advantage of free delivery when you purchase this alarm clock radio. This doubles as a USB device charger which is always a great tool when you need to recharge any devices. If you ever go through a power outage, the backup battery will ensure you still keep track of time. This time display is visible from afar which makes it a great addition to any bedroom bedside display. The alarm clock system is easy to learn because there are very minimal functions in this device. If you want to go for a smaller version, then check out the USCCE Small LED Digital Alarm Clock.

USCCE Alarm Clock Brightness Sounds Review Wrap Up

These simply designed alarm clocks include essential functions like a big snooze button, some volume controls, and some alarm sounds. This clock goes above and beyond when it adds a display brightness dimmer, a USB charging port, and more. This is a clock that will bring you many benefits for a very small amount of money.

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