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Urwerk Creates Watch The Knows When It’s Not Accurate

urwerk watch

Don’t you just hate it when your watch is displaying the wrong time, even though you never touched it? Yea, us too. It’s like somehow it magically became 15 minutes ahead (or late) and has now ruined your schedule appointments for the day. Bet you wish there was a watch that was smart enough to know when it’s not accurate, right? Well wish granted, thanks to Urwek’s new titanium watch that knows when something is wrong and will alert you to make adjustments as needed.

The watch is a stunner with its modern design and titanium and steel Electro Mechanical Control (EMC) stylish cues, but it’s what’s on the inside that really impresses. The main tool is what’s known as a Witshchi, which is what watchmakers use as a tool that  listens to a mechanical watch’s internal movements and calculates how much time it gains or loses in 24 hours. The EMC in this watch has a Witschi built in so at any point the wearer can determine how accurate the piece keeps time. This one runs on power that’s produced by a tiny hand-cranked generator that folds out from the side of the watch. Just crank it a few times and you’ll be able to get a 3-second reading of how the its internals are working, displaying the results on gauges on the EMC’s face. If something is wrong, a tiny screw on the back will adjust its rate so that the EMC is accurate. No word on price yet, but expect a hefty price that only wealthy collectors wouldn’t mind paying.

urwerk watch

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